Pet Care While You Are on Vacation? Top Tips for Finding Reasonably Priced Services

Are you planning a vacation but worried about what to do with your pets? Going on vacation and leaving your pet behind can be a difficult decision. You want to ensure they are well taken care of, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on pet care services. Luckily, there are ways to find reasonably priced services without sacrificing quality. This blog post will discuss some tips for finding affordable pet care while you are away. Let’s get started.

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Use Discount Codes

One way to save money on pet care is to use discount codes. Many companies that offer pet care services have promotional codes that you can use to get a discount. For instance, as seen at, you can get over 25% off your first booking with TrustedHousesitters by using a coupon code. You only need to quickly search online to find coupon codes for various pet care companies.

When using discount codes to save money on pet care, you must ensure you are not sacrificing quality. Be sure to read reviews of the company before booking their services. This will help ensure you get a reputable service at a discounted price. Also, understand how to use the discount code before booking. Some codes may have certain restrictions, such as only being valid for first-time customers.

Look for Bundled Services

Bundled services are those that are offered together at a discounted price. For example, you may be able to find a pet sitting and dog walking service that offers a discount if you book both services together. This is a great way to save money on pet care while still getting your pet’s services.

Another type of bundled service is one where you can get discounts for referrals. For example, some companies will offer a discount if you refer a friend who also books their services. This is a great way to get quality pet care while saving money. Ensure that the company you are considering offers this discount before booking their services.

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Do Your Research

When searching for reasonably priced pet care, it is important to do your research. This means taking the time to compare prices and services between different companies. Don’t just book the first pet care service you come across. Instead, take the time to compare different options to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

When doing your research, read online reviews of the companies you are considering. This will help you get an idea of the quality of their services. You can also ask family and friends for recommendations. They may have used a pet care service that they were happy with in the past.

Check with Local Organizations

Local organizations often offer pet care services at a discounted rate. For example, your local Humane Society may offer dog walking services at a lower cost than a professional pet care company. This is a great way to get quality services while supporting a local organization.

Another option is to check with your local vet. They may offer boarding services or be able to recommend a reputable pet care company in the area. However, you have to be mindful of the cost. Boarding at a vet can be expensive, so compare prices before booking their services. For instance, you can use comparison websites to get an idea of how much it would cost to board your dog at a vet.

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Ask Friends and Family

If you have friends or family in the area, they may be able to watch your pet while you are away. This can be a great option because you know your pet will be well taken care of, and it won’t cost you anything. Just be sure to return the favor when they go on vacation.

If you don’t have any friends or family in the area, you can still ask them for recommendations. They may know someone who offers pet care services. This is a great way to get quality services at an affordable price. For instance, they may recommend a pet sitting service that offers referral discounts.

Try Automating Pet Care for Short Trips

Are you traveling for some hours or days? If so, you may be able to automate pet care. This means using technology to take care of your pet while away. For example, some automatic feeders can dispense food and water at specific times. This is a great way to ensure your pet gets the sustenance they need while you are away.

There are also automatic litter boxes that can help keep your cat’s litter clean. This is a great way to reduce the work you must do when you return from your trip. However, this method is not suitable for all pets. For example, it is not recommended for dogs because they need to be exercised.

There are many ways to find reasonably priced pet care services. First, you can use discount codes to get a reduced rate. Second, you can read reviews of the companies you are considering to get an idea of their quality. Finally, try asking friends and family for recommendations. They may know someone who offers pet care services at a discounted rate. You can find quality pet care services that won’t break the bank with a little research.

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