Hamster Abscess

An abscess is a localized pus collection in any part of the body that often becomes swollen and inflamed. This pus is actually a collection of white blood cells that have built up in attempt to fight off some sort of illness and dead tissue. The types of hamster illnesses that can cause and abscess usually involve a bacterial infection. Even with the best hamster care, an abscess can appear.hamster

Signs and Symptoms

Swelling beneath the skin that appear raised and red. These abscesses can be soft to the touch or hard if the abscess is long lasting. On occasion there can be discharge that will make the hamster’s coat wet or matted. An abscess right beneath the skin are easy to see but internal abscesses are difficult to detect. Related illnesses caused by a hamster abscess can include anorexia, respiratory problems or painful abdominal problems.

What are the Causes

The most common cause of a hamster abscess is due to a bacterial infection that enters the body of a hamster through a scratch, scrape or open wound but it could also be caused by parasites or a foreign substance that makes its way into the body. An abscess on the face is often cause by some sort of hamster teeth problem like tooth decay. The bacteria that is most often the culprit of a growth of an abscess is Staphylococcus aureus, Pasteurella pneumotropica and Streptococcus species.

How to Treat It

The way to treat a ill hamster with an abscess is to have it lanced off by a veterinarian or medical professional or to treat it with a salt water solution or disinfectant. Some hamster owners make a thyme tea to help rinse and treat these. Antibiotics may be needed to treat multiple or particularly large abscesses. Tooth related abscesses need to be treated by a vet and often requires the infected or rotten tooth to be removed.

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  1. I have a Syrian hamster with a lump on his side that seemed to increase in size over the course of 6 weeks. He’s been scratching at it to the point where there’s blood and a scab. He’s almost 2 and I don’t have money to take him to the vet. Also, it looks like his butt has swelled up.

  2. Hi, am so worried about my long haired hamster, he was fine a few days ago then we noticed a big lump by his foot , it smells really bad, i can’t really afford to take him to the vet right now, can anyone help me on how i can help him at home?

    • My dwarf hamster has a lump around her armpit area. She is not the one to like being held, so how do I disinfect it? Is there somthing I could buy in the store for her?

  3. My Syrian Hamster Has A Small Red Lump on the left side of her mouth and it’s Been there for a while she seems fine and she is eating and drinking well and acting normal but it looks like there is a couple of minor cuts I applied a very very mild saltwater solution and I’m looking for further help what should I do?

  4. My dwarf hamsters neck is all swollen and I don’t know how long it’s been like that but today it popped and a lot, and I mean a lot, of pus came out. And my sister said to try to get the rest of it out so I tried and when I did. A lot more came out but it hurt him when you squeeze it so I don’t wanna do it anymore. What do I do? Do I take him to the vet?

    • Get him to the vet immediately he needs antibiotics to stop the infections, keep the area clean and wipe it with water the vet should give you medicated wipes

  5. My hamster had a small cut on his head,it was healing nicely but then he scratched the scab off.it has now tripled in size,oozes and has a big lump.i can’t afford to take him to the vets 😢 but have been using hypocare skin care spray on it.what else can I do?

    • you can use hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab, and hold it on there for 10 seconds and then repete it. do that three or four times a day.

    • My hamster has a big red hard lump on the bottom lid of her eye she has had it for ages and it’s just grown from just a small lump to a one that affects her sight and her eye is just closed up! 😭 advice?! I’m taking her to the vet now

  6. My hamster has a lump on one side of his face, under his eye, right above/ on his mouth and his gums on that side are swollen, kind of pushing his nose to the other side. And his eye is a little bit crusty and red, could this be an abcess???

  7. I have a small robo hamster she’s a girl I noticed she has a lump on her neck she’s not active she stays in the corner she eats if I put food in water in front of her but she won’t come out to eat I don’t have money to take her to the vet I believe she has an abscess does anybody know what I can do to help her at home

  8. My male hamster Calypso got in a fight with my female hamster Rosemary a few weeks ago and where she bit him is still swollen and red. I just became known of this a few minutes ago because he was scratching at his walls and squeaking (which he never does). He hasn’t been drinking out of his bottle but he drinks it if I’m holding the bottle.

  9. I got my 2 hamsters 4 weeks before both of them are very active one it is having a swelling in testicales and he has become more numb than before now …….Feeling scared and pls tell me what to do ….Really worried

    • My daughters hamster had the same thing and it eventually tunneled through to the surface and drained pus. The vet had to drain the atea and he had to be on antibiotics.

      • Did he hamster make it? My daughters is like that and we are going to try to get him into the vet tomorrow

  10. My 1-year-old Syrian hammy has recently developed a swelling on her left lip next to her nose. It was bleeding then scabbed and when we cleaned it looked pretty okay. It was swollen but not bleeding or leaking the next morning. We think that it may be due to her chewing her water bottle, but we don’t know. Any ideas would be useful! Thanks!

  11. My hamster is sniffling and all wet and gray under her chin. There is a small growth or something by her nose. Not sure what to do.

    • My hamster is sniffling and all wet and gray under her chin. There is a small growth or something by her nose. Not sure what to do.

  12. Hi my dwarf hamster has matted fur and doesnt run around like she used to. I don’t know why this is happening. can anybody help.

  13. my golden bear hamster has pus looking drainage coming from her bottom. I also believe she is pregnant. she does not act like she feels well. she had a litter of pups about 2 months ago. she sleeps all the time and her bottom becomes crusted over, she will let me clean her up with warm water on a q-tip. I am very concerned. is there anything you could tell me about what this is.
    thank you

  14. Dwarf hamster has a small growth or something on the inside of his left front foot. What could it be. He eats and runs and is very happy just concerned about that thing on his foot

  15. My winter white has red skin hanging out of her mouth. Could this be an everted cheek pouch? Its been hanging out for 4 days. Any home remedies or anything I can order online to help her?

  16. I got my hamster from the pet shop and he has a cut around his one cheek and pet shop said it’s fine and it will heal but it seems his scratchedoff the scab what can l do to make sure it doesn’t get infected ?

    • Use a healing ointment like Neosporin. Just dab a little bit on a Q-Tip and apply it to the wound. Your baby won’t like it, but it’ll prevent infection.

  17. My little dwarf hamster go into fight with other one (teddy bear hamster) and I remove both of them. Few days ago i notice that one little spot seem odd @.@ is it infection??.her tail is wet but idk it pee or something?. Eat sometime and sleep all day but run around all night. I am worry about it and have anyone have this problem? Should I go to the vet or any kind of treatment for it?

  18. To all of the comments above. Like me. If your hamster has a lump. Take them to the vet ASAP. No point asking what do I do?! Take them to get treated.

  19. My hamster has a lump on its right side. It came up quickly. He is eating and drinking good but I don’t know what to do. Please help!

    • Take your hamster to the vet…my one had the same symptoms and she is on 5 days of antibiotics. They think is an abscess…might be tumour. I have to take her back in 5 days.

      • Hi Diane,
        What was wrong with your hamster ?
        My hamster has a very large hard lump hanging on the front of her chest. Been given antibiotics but finding it impossible to give them to him.
        I’m taking him back on Monday and they said they would remove it.
        Noticed tonight there is a bit of blood coming from it.

      • My Syrian “fluffy” also has, after researching a bit, what appears to possibly be swollen sent glands. The one is very large as well as a swollen sack hanging by his leg. The swollen sent gland on his right is very large and has a scab. I have been cleaning it with band-aid hurt free antiseptic liquid as well as using triple antibiotic ointment. I have had him for a year and about five months. I’m terrified that he is suffering or that I have done something wrong. Someone please help.

  20. My hamster testicles are swollen and red and are popping out..
    Can anyone help me with this..
    I am very much worried about this..

    • Hi my male Syrian has just had this happen it’s been a week and it has got bigger. Did you find out what was wrong with your hammy? I’ve been giving mine a little salt water rinse to see if it’s an infection but no luck so far.

    • I noticed the same on my male syrian last night, we went to the vet this morning and he was diagnosed with a abscess. The vet said she can put him to sleep or put him under anaesthetic and drain it, ive gone for the 2nd option. Now I’m sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring and I’m praying he makes it.

  21. I have a golden bear hamster and shes oozing out white pus from her area and i dont know how to cure it please help me asap.

    • Are you sure its pus and not ejaculation? When female hamsters are in heat, they flatten their bodies, lift up their tails, and ejaculate. The ejaculation smells like their pee.

  22. Today I just noticed that my robo hamster has a pinkish some what swollen area on his anus and this is new because I never seen him like this before, is this something I should be concern about? His behavior is as normal as usual.

    • If he is a male, then they might just be his family jewels. My hamster, when he wakes up specifically, has big, red, and swollen ones. The vet said it was natural, at first I was worried.

  23. hi , ( did you see my question as i cant see it up top ? ) my dwarf white hamster has a wart next to its nose , what shall i do , ? is there cream or does a vet need to cut it off


  24. My winter white has a wart ( its dark brown ) just next to her nose , i took her to the vet yestarday and she gave me two types of medicine ( one homeapathic the other a strong cream for cancer for dogs / cats written on it ) as she thought its either a wart or tumour ( looks like a wart and she has had it nearly 2 weeks but it is still small ) but i have read that it is best to cut it off ? she is 20 months old whay should i do …………… i dont want her to suffer , i dont have much faith with this vet

  25. Hi, our hamster has stopped taking his food – he seems interested and comes to his bowl but isn’t actually putting anything in his mouth – he doesn’t seem able. Could he have an abssess? How can I look inside his mouth to check ? He has never bitten but might not like being touched around his cheeks/mouth? Thanks

    • Scruff him like you would a cat. Grab his neck with your fingers and lift him up. He won’t like it, but that’s how you can see inside his mouth. If it doesn’t look right, take him to the vet

  26. My hamster has this wierd red bump/rash under his anus but it’s definitely not a testicular lump it’s in between his anus and where a testicular lump would be. I don’t know if it’s an infection or a start of a disease but I noticed that he is losing hair on his neck area and lost a bit of his weight. Any treatments that I can try at home?

  27. Hi my male teddy bear hamster has lost all his hair but now I’m noticing that on his “butt/testicle” area it looks like he was an open wound. What could that be? I know vet would be the best option but I can’t afford to do that and it’s not even technically mine. It’s a class pet.

  28. My teddy bear hamster has some kind of growth in his ear, it’s a bit black in colour, not sure if it’s scabbing , he’s eating normally but it has definitely grown and become more black/bloody. Anyway to tell the difference between abscess, wart, cyst? Is there something I can put on it topically?

    • You might need to take it to a vet to drain the issue. You could try to use a warm thyme tea mixture to apply to the area. It might help reduce the some of the swelling.

  29. My hamster is a winter white dwarf and his coat is all white but lately he has had a stain on his coat near his tail can you tell me what it could be and what I can do about it

  30. My hamster had a very swollen right pouch and a swollen nose. The vet drained the abscess and gave me an anitbiotic and pain med to give him. He is a dwarf hamster…29 g. That was two days ago. He is still not eating/drinking or moving around much…just sleeping and breathing. Should he be recovered by now??? What is normal behavior after a procedure and how long should it take for him to recover? I’m afraid he is dying…it’s scary to watch….Please respond…
    Thank you!

    • It just might take more time to recover. Make sure your hamster is at least drinking water. You might need to get an eyedropper and force feed him water if need be.

    • How much did the procedure cost I am scared because my hamster has a very swollen access and I want to take him to the vet but I do not have the money are there any financial ways to get this drained

    • My hamster also has a bump on its leg. I am very worried too. My hamster is still eating, drinking and running but that bump is worrying me … It also has a bump on its foot (same hind leg) I feed it some carrot everyday. The hamster with the bump is about 3-4 years old. Please help me. I would like to know if I can somehow treat it or take it too the vet. From behind my hamster almost looks like its hipbone is skew.the small bump on its foot looks like a small mole and its a light purple and brown. PLEASE HELP ME.

  31. My hamster has gone very thin, doesn’t seem to be eating much. It seems to have a hunched back that is hard when you touch it (maybe its it’s bone I can feel). My mum thinks it may be teeth related? She thinks it’s teeth look too big

    • you might need to go to the vet and have them trim the teeth. chew toys are a good way to avoid overgrown teeth. Granted, hamsters do have two fairly long front teeth. In the mean time, you can use an eyedropper to force feed it some soft, liquid food and of course water.

  32. my friends hamster is screaming, and not moving. its just laying in front of the cage door while screaming. he also has a lump on his butt, and one near his shoulder. what should she do?

    • It’s difficult to tell what the lumps are so i would recommend a trip to the vet. A vet can drain the lumps or provide antibiotics. In the mean time you can help reduce swelling by making a strong thyme tea mixture and bathing the lumps in (not hot of course). You can also try feeding the hamster diuretic type foods such as dandelion leaves to help reduce fluid build up.

  33. My dwarf hampster has stopped eating her treats and not eating much of her regular food. She is staying mostly in a corner and when she is moving around she seems not to be using front left paw a lot. Also left check looks like she is storing food in it but she has nothing in her mouth. What could this mean?

    • How old is your hamster? Does your hamster have any other visible symptoms? Does the paw issue look like an physical injury or something more neurological? A typical injury could mean it just needs time to heal up. You can also ensure all the surfaces in the cage are nice and soft. No exposed wire bars for example. If the paw issue look more serious as in the hamster isn’t able to use its left paw at all, it could be something more serious. In that case, you should consult a vet. In the mean time, you need to make sure your hamster continues to drink water and if you have to, you may need to had feed it water using a small water dropper.

  34. My dwarf hamster just had his infection removed and I put him inside his wheel ball and he peed inside it. He still has the open wound. Is it possible his pee could cause another infection?

    • Lost of things can cause an infection. For this reason, when you have a hamster with an open or healing wound, you should keep it clean. Some warm water and perhaps a mild antiseptic should be all you need in your case. Manuka honey is a good idea to use if your hamster picks at the infected area.

  35. My hamster got into a small fight with the new hamster when in was introducing them. I immediately removed them from each other. But I noticed the next day she had a swollen lump on her lower abdomen. But she eating and exercising normal. What is it.?. Please email me back.

    • If you see any cuts or scratches make sure to keep the area clean by using a mild antiseptic. Continue to monitor the lump to make sure it starts to go away and not get worse. Apply a warm wet cloth to the lump might help reduce swelling or try adding a warm thyme tea mixture into the cloth. Thyme is a go to natural and safe treatment among hamster owners.

    • Ringworm can not live in the mouth so it probably isn’t that. It’s hard to tell what it might be from the information provided. It could just be a cut in the mouth that is healing or it can be an abscess – or it could be several other things. You might want to consult a vet for a proper course of treatment. The abscess, if it is one, may need to be drained, lanced or treated with medication. Small cuts in the mouth can heal on their own if kept clean.

    • When you say it is coming from its bottom do you mean there is a lump on the backside somewhere or more specifically, its anus? If it is the later, it could be an abscess or something other than one. It could be constipation, a parasite like worms, prolapse or something else. A trip to the vet might be in order. Are there any other symptoms or odd behaviors you can observe?

      • I’m almost convinced it could be testicular lump. I Google images and some looked similar. What’s the normal time span that they last before I should be alarmed?

      • It sounds like an issue to be concerned about already. You should consult a vet for a course of treatment. You might try to feed your hamster dandelion leaves or another diuretic. This could help reduce the swelling but it isn’t a cure.

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