Hamster Intussusception


Causes of Intussusception

This problem with a hamster’s digestive tract occurs when a part of the intestines folds inwards into another section of the intestines. The medical condition often leads to an obstruction of the intestines. A case of hamster diarrhea or constipation can lead to this sometimes serious or fatal illness.

Signs and Symptoms

A sick hamster with intussusception will have severe abdominal pain. The pain will cause the hamster to sit hunched over in pain. Depending on the cause, the hamster can have blood in its feces or diarrhea. It can also obstruct the intestines and in that case, the hamster will not be able to go to the bathroom. A condition called rectal prolapse can also occur. This involves a protrusion from the anus.

Can It be Treated?

You will need to take your ill hamster to the veterinarian to get an accurate diagnosis of intussusception. Many of the symptoms can be the cause of other hamster digestive problems. If the vet does make this diagnosis, the only real option is surgery. Surgery on such a small animal is difficult and a very sick hamster might not survive the procedure. Euthanasia is most likely going to be recommended. Euthanizing an animal is never an easy choice to make but you have to think about the sick animals quality of life. Sometimes, it’s the best option. Even with the best care, you can’t always keep your hamsters from getting an illness of this nature.

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10 thoughts on “Hamster Intussusception”

  1. My 10week old dwarf hanster was put to sleep this morning after I discovered he had a prolapse it was not a pretty sight 🙁

  2. Hi, I have a black teddy bear hamster. I’ve had her a little over a month. When I picked her up today, I saw some poop in her bottom, and to me, her bottom is a bit bigger than usual. She is a month and a few days/weeks old. Is there something wrong with her? I mean, she eats enough, sleeps enough, drinks enough, and she LOVES her wheel and loves going into her ball. Is she in risk? Her eyes are alert and her ears are perked up when I open the cage. Is it just because she is growing?

  3. My hamster died after this. We were on our way to the vet and he died as soon as we got there. All you can do is help your hamster through thi s and make sure he or she knows that you love him and if he dies with you, you are very lucky.

    • Sorry to hear that. and yes, that is often the most you can do for these little guys. It’s sad but it is life. As long as you know it had a happy life and you did the best you could, you should feel good about that.

      • Im watching my friends haster and she noticed hes not poping. I also noticed hes way slower than he use to be. What should i do?

    • My hamster Peanut is doing the exact same thing, how long after you noticed these symptoms did your hamster pass away?

      – sorry for your loss

      • Our hamster had the same. Can I ask the same question…how long before your hamster passed. We only noticed it this evening, and plan on taking her to the vets tomorrow. Xxx

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