4 Tips For Getting Into Dog Fashion In 2023

Every dog is different with their own distinct personality and dog fashion is one way for a dog owner to express their sense of style and put their pet’s best ‘paw’ forward. Dog fashions change every year and here are some tips for making the most of dog fashion trends in 2023.

  1. Choose According To Climate

A common mistake first time dog fashion enthusiasts make is making their dogs wear clothes that are entirely inappropriate for the weather or the season. Pick clothing, costumes and accessories first and foremost according to the reigning weather and climate and the weather forecast if you are dressing them for a particular indoor or outdoor event. Dogs regardless of breed often have a thick coat of hair themselves which can make additional clothing uncomfortable with the weather is too hot and sunny.

Weather changes can cause issues like dryness in the dog’s natural coat, fur loss or itching so be wary of these when you are choosing fabrics as certain ones are more appropriate for different seasons than others. If your dog has any kind of allergy or certain behavioral cues like excessively itching themselves always check with a vet about the type of fabric and accessories that will not irritate their skin further.

doodle puppy in hoodie

  1. A Statement Overall 

Over the years multiple accessories and special add-ons were more in fashion but in 2023 it is about quality and impact over quantity. Dog owners prefer to invest and dress up their dogs in a weather-appropriate overall that makes a statement. Whether it is a PVC bright colored raincoat, a fur coat, a snug dog hoodie, or a best man tuxedo, it is about having one piece of clothing that is comfortable, fashionable and impactful in the interests of simplicity.

Dog tuxes are ideal for formal occasions, dinners, wedding parties and ceremonies. They impart a very crisp, clean and polished look to your dog’s attire and give a ‘dressed-up’ look that is sometimes needed for events. Custom tailoring matters just as much for your dog’s suit as it does for you! Having it properly tailored can minimize discomfort and lead to a more appealing fit. Choose a lighter fabric that is sturdy without being too warm and uncomfortable especially for summer suits.

Hoodies, raincoats, jackets and even large shirts and bandannas are perfect for casual attire. Whenever choosing a statement piece for your best friend, bear in mind their breed has a lot of bearing on how well they can pull off a certain look. Some breeds are furrier than their counterparts so always choose specifically according to the breed of your dog. For simpler jackets or non-patterned shirts adding custom dog ornaments can make your loved one feel special and unique.

dog in red knit seater

  1. It Is A Process 

No dog is used to fashion or clothing or accessories and the dog owner needs to slowly work up to dressing their pet on a regular basis. Choose lighter materials and scant accessories and allow your dog to get used to them before progressing onto more elaborate clothing and designs. Like people dogs will require adjustments and alterations for optimal comfort and style. Using positive reinforcement is very effective when trying to ease your dog into a life of fashion.

Try on an item and reward them with treats or a long walk or even a cuddle. Once they connect the dots emotionally they will be keener to try on new and different fashions every time you want to dress them up. Accompanying the dressing process with kind words of encouragement and lots of pats will also have a psychological effect on your pet making it easier for you to adopt a dog fashion lifestyle.

  1. Not Afraid To Be Different 

Styles in dog fashion 2023 are about self-expression and pride, bold colors and patterns and statement attire. When getting on the bandwagon try to experiment with your best furry friend’s attire and do not be afraid of loud prints like leopard or zebra prints, fur collars, brightly colored Hawaiian shirts or plenty of bling. Your dog deserves to stand out and be appreciated and fashion is one way to attract the right kind of attention for your loved one or to pose them for dog portraits.

Play around with colors that compliment your dog’s personality as the more loud, enthusiastic and quirky they are, the brighter the colors that will suit them. Muted, neutral colors can suit larger dogs that are quieter or older. Smaller dogs like Chihuahuas do wonderfully well with bright colors like hot pink and fuchsia as it draws attention to their delicate frames.

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