7 Fun Exercises to Keep Your Canine Healthy & Fit 

Your vet will tell you that it is best to keep your dog fit and healthy before diseases catch up and take them away. Aside from giving your pet a nutritious, balanced, and healthy meal at least twice a day, regular check-ups, and effective dental care, you also should spend time on some physical exercises. If you are looking for a way to help your friend keep a healthy and fit body, here are some suggestions:

  1. Walk, jog, and run

The first thing that you can do with your pooch is to go out for a few minutes or hours of a walk or hike. You can keep a daily routine of short 20-minute walks at first and increase the duration and difficulty once the dog feels comfortable in the routine. You can up the challenge by jogging or running or mixing different routines. Going out for 45 to 60 minutes a day can help you and your dog get in tip-top shape.

dog on walk

  1. Go for a stroll regularly

For a change, you can allow your dog to lead when you go out for a stroll. It will be fun for both of you to explore new places and break routines. Make it a regular habit to let your dog examine the world and simply follow its lead.

  1. Sign them up for obedience training

The best way for your pets to exercise and also train them to follow your instructions is through obedience training. Make them learn the simple tasks of bowing, shaking, and sitting. The best thing to do for obedience training is to pet them or rub their belly after they successfully did what you told them to do.

dog training

  1. Play the game of fetch

Most dogs have a naturally playful nature. They enjoy going out and running around. Teach commands like fetching a ball or throwing sticks can help in future indoor and outdoor activities. As they can play this sport literally wherever you take them, you are sure that you will not have any trouble training them. It may take a bit of time for your pet to understand the dynamics of the game but once they get the hang of it, they may never really want to stop.

  1. Climbing the stairs

Not being able to go out, especially during winter days, doesn’t mean your dogs can’t exercise anymore. If you live in a several-story home, you can use the stairs to keep them active and entertained. Going up and down the stairs can help them use up their reserved energy while keeping them entertained.

dog in water

  1. Take them to parks and beaches

The dog park and beach are pieces of paradise for your dog. Here they get a big place for zoomies and they can also meet new friends. Let go and allow your dog to interact with others so they can play their own games until they get tired.

  1. Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek is a fun and easy exercise that your dog and the rest of the family can enjoy on any random day. This is even made more fun because the dog is the seeker. Their powerful sense of smell and hearing and their goofy side can make any hide and seek session fun.

One of the things that you can do to keep your pooch happy and healthy is by including physical activities in your routine. On days when you feel tired or have other matters to attend to, you can get the help of Etobicoke dog walking services to give your dog the quality exercise needed on a daily basis.

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