Business Tips on How to Start a Dog Daycare & Boarding Company

If you want to open a canine daycare and boarding facility, you need to have a location and some equipment to take care of the canines. This includes kennels, food and water bowls, and leashes. You also need cleaning supplies and employees to run your daycare.

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Legal considerations

There are many legal considerations to consider before opening a canine daycare and boarding facility. These laws are intended to protect your business.

Be sure to follow all local and state laws. This includes licensing requirements. You will also need to comply with any zoning restrictions.

Starting a canine boarding facility is not for everyone. You must be willing to dedicate the time necessary to run a successful business. You must also ensure that you have a sufficient capital to cover your running expenses.

You may need to hire staff to run the daycare and boarding facility. This is a costly endeavor, so you may want to consider partnering with a canine trainer or animal rescue group.

In addition, make sure you have employees who are certified in animal careers, including pet CPR or first aid. Click here for more information about pet CPR. It is also wise to get an insurance policy, draft release forms, and set up a contingency veterinarian.

Choosing the right location is important. Ideally, the location is convenient and accessible for potential customers. You do not need to be in a prime location, but it is best to be located near a dense cluster of residential areas. In addition, you must comply with any zoning regulations and noise ordinances.

You need to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your customers. This means providing appropriate kennels and outdoor space for canines.

Your staff members must be trained to handle various temperaments. You should have a policy on how to respond to several types of behavior and any unusual requests. You should also make sure your staff members are familiar with the animal’s behavior. Having the right staff members is essential for a successful business.

Choosing a location

If you have always dreamed of starting a canine daycare and boarding facility, there are a few things you should consider before settling on a location. For starters, you will need outdoor space, enough indoor space to house canines, and space for employees and overnight guests. You will also need a location that offers room for growth. The more space you have, the more customers you will be able to serve.

Check Yelp for reviews. While this site has come under fire in recent years for its “user-generated” review policy, many negative reviews are a clear indication of poor-quality services or products. However, it is important to remember that you cannot trust every user’s opinion, so take the reviews with a grain of salt.

Ask for a tour of the facility. Be sure to check out the different areas for play and sleep. You should also ask if the facility has a vet on-site so that you can check on their record of accidents. Also, make sure the daycare staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They should be able to handle any problems that arise. The ratio between staff to canines should be no more than fifteen to one.

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Creating a positive culture

There are many communities in which you may have to work and interact. It is also important to know the needs and ideas of the community in which you operate. The community you serve will determine the type of customers that frequent your business.

Keeping your customers happy and your staff happy is essential for maintaining a positive culture. Lastly, it is important to build relationships with local regulators, dog owners, and the surrounding community.

One way to build a positive culture is to hire employees with a passion for animals. You should look for people who love dogs, like the ones found here:, and understand the business. In addition, you should hire employees with relevant experience in the dog industry. This way, you can create a safe and unique environment for your customers.

When setting up your dog daycare, do not forget to invest in high-quality equipment. It will help you cut down on replacement costs. Moreover, it will impress your customers. Remember that customers of a dog daycare and boarding facility typically come back to visit the establishment again. Thus, it is more efficient to attract repeat customers rather than soliciting clients on a short-term basis.

Before starting a dog daycare and boarding establishment, it is important to hire people with the right skills and passion for caring for dogs. They must be patient, responsible, and compassionate. They may also need to have certifications in canine first aid and CPR.

Hiring employees

Hiring employees for your dog daycare and boarding facility requires careful research and consideration of the laws in your area. It is important to be knowledgeable about employment law, workers’ compensation insurance, payroll, and taxes before starting your new business.

You will also need to check with local governing bodies about the types of permits you need for your business. For example, a daycare should have different permits from a boarding facility.

Advertising is an important aspect of a dog daycare and boarding business. You can use local newspapers, social networks, and advertisements in pet shops to attract potential customers. You can also use email to contact current and potential clients and respond to any queries. This way, you can keep your customers informed about the services you provide.

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