Do Dogs Also Suffer From Hip And Back Pains?

Being a dog owner is not a privilege but a responsibility. There are multiple reasons why people choose to have dogs in their lives. But, regardless of their logic, they must care for these loyal creatures to the best of their ability.

There could be scenarios when the stress of having dogs will outweigh their original purpose in the family. One significant worry of dog owners is when their lovely dogs show symptoms of sickness or disease. Fortunately, responsible dog owners can prevent things from worsening by knowing what to look out for and taking immediate action.

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Do Dogs Really Suffer From Illnesses or Pain of Joints?

According to RSCPA(Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the common illnesses of dogs include skin infections, dental disease, stomach inflammation, laceration, skin or food allergies, etc. Similar to humans, our beloved k9s are also susceptible to such vulnerabilities. Thus it further proves that dogs also suffer from joint pain, arthritis, and back pains.

A Deeper Look Into Physical Dog Pains

Before talking about their symptoms and what to do, it is part of dog owners’ responsibility to at least be knowledgeable about the illnesses their furry friend is susceptible to. Even an ounce of knowledge is worth a ton of help for your dogs.

So, let’s look at the physical challenges dogs have. Canines are naturally mobile and mostly rely on their joints for all their movements. This is why these are hotspots that most often get weak quickly.

Their joints usually become inflamed and degenerate. Eventually, they will become brittle over time. When this happens, the risk will aggravate when it reaches other connecting bones. To avoid all of these adverse effects, joints constantly need lubrication for regular smooth movements.


Early Signs and Symptoms of Physical Pain in Dogs

Many assume that these illnesses are part of the dogs’ aging process. However, that is not always the case. Their environment and lifestyle play a huge role in this concern. As long as they are given the best care and surveillance, you can be confident that you can lessen these risks in the future.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the early signs and symptoms of such illnesses in dogs to give them the best care and avoid future complications that will only add to your worries. Though some may not be that dangerous or life-threatening to dogs, owners must still give them the best quality of life they can. Here are a few warning signs and symptoms to be wary of.

Swelling Joints

This is the most obvious and easy to detect since this is visible to the naked eye. One slight touch of that swelling part will cause them to writhe in pain, and they might growl if you attempt to caress them in that area again. As soon as you notice swelling joints, seek immediate medical attention.

Getting Sore After any Physical Activities

Dogs always engage in rigorous physical activities, especially when energetic. So naturally, they get tired pretty quickly. But when soreness or joint stiffness occurs, it is something that the dog owners should address as soon as possible. The early signs may be subtle, but the severity of soreness versus plain exhaustion is evident.

Struggling to do Activities

Getting sore after activities is one thing, but when they struggle to do any basic physical activities, it becomes more obvious that they may suffer from arthritis and other similar illnesses. However, these are just symptoms, and there could also be other implications in their difficulty.

Dog’s Age

As they age, dogs become more vulnerable to these diseases. Though they occur naturally as part of the aging process, that doesn’t mean we should neglect them. Instead, owners should provide the proper care and medical attention.

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What to do to Prevent Back and Body Pains?

Spending time with your canine friend is a genuinely enjoyable feeling. Hence, it is always better to prevent these illnesses to give them a happy life.

Generally, these complications are caused by certain lifestyles and environments and the failure to be monitored. Therefore, as early as possible, it is in your best interest to know what to do to prevent them from getting such illnesses.

Make Sure They Get The Right Exercise

Giving your dogs the time and space to exercise not only gives them a healthy body but healthy bones too. You don’t have to do something extravagant. Simply playing with them is already a good amount of physical activity for both of you. It’s a win-win situation.

Providing them with the Ideal Diet

We know that healthy dog food is pricey but if you can afford it, then go for it. It’s usually pretty easy to find healthy natural products for their diet that are way cheaper.

Giving your dogs the recommended diet, based on their breed, will affect their lifestyle by improving it immensely. But, remember, don’t go overboard as obesity will directly lead them to arthritis.

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What To Do If Your Dogs Already Suffer From Such Illnesses

Get Them Checked By A Chiropractor

Bringing them to dog chiropractors may provide your dog with both short-term and long-term solutions for their illnesses. This would be the most common solution but is not advisable for other complications. Therefore, it’s always important to bring them to the proper professionals first for the correct diagnosis.

Consult Their Vet

Veterinarians will educate you and give your various advice on what to do when your dogs suffer from arthritis. Moreover, they will also provide you with certain medications and treatments for your canine friend.

Do Some Research

Not all dog owners are privileged enough to afford vets or chiropractors. Therefore, doing some research may greatly help in giving you insight into what to do with their illnesses. However, you should not just diagnose them without professional help. At the very least, owners should be aware and knowledgeable about the must-knows of dog complications to prevent them from occurring. Hopefully, being a responsible owner will be enough to delay the vet visit and keep your dog healthy longer.

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