Interesting Facts about Your Bernedoodle You Didn’t Know

Bernedoodles are mixed breed dog that has slowly gained in popularity in recent years due to love from their owners. This giant teddy bear has the best of both worlds thanks to its parents.

This young designer dog breed was created back in 2003, making them a teenager breed in hybrid terms. Unlike other breeds, they weren’t exclusively bred for money or looks but because they are hypoallergenic and have longer lifespans. Here are some more interesting facts about this gorgeous breed that you may be unaware of.

bernedoodle puppy standing

The Bernedoodle Is a Mixed Breed 

Bernedoodles are usually a mix between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. However, puppies can also have one Bernedoodle parent and one poodle or Bernese mountain dog parent, or even two Bernedoodle parents.

Inheriting the best features from both parent breeds, the Bernedoodle is a great companion dog. It was created by Mrs. Sherry Rupke. However, some pups are bred from an Australian Labradoodle and Bernese, resulting in a better temperament and consistent look.

Bernedoodles Come in Three Sizes

These fluffballs come in three standard sizes, similar to their poodle parents, including standard, miniature, and tiny. The poodle parent size will determine the size of the Bernedoodle puppies and your preference.

For instance, smaller Bernedoodles are great for city people living in apartments whereas larger dogs fit well in big houses with large yards.

In the United States, you’ll discover many reputable breeders, particularly in states like Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, and Illinois. Before making a final decision, make sure to read reviews. Remember that you can only adopt a healthy and happy puppy from a breeder that treats breeding as a passion rather than a profession. Central Illinois Doodles is an example of a dedicated family breeder in Illinois. If you’re not sure what size puppy to get, you may trust their recommendation for a healthy Bernedoodle of any size.

Bernedoodles Are Vocal

Though this may be up for debate, owners believe that Bernedoodles try to communicate through whining, barking, and various other sounds.

Their efforts to express themselves adds to their charm rather than labeling them as noisy. They can even howl along to songs!

Bernedoodles Coat Varieties

The most common color combination is black and white, black and brown, or tri-color with tan or red markings. The colors depend on their parents’ color genes. Additionally, the poodle parent can pass on their fade gene, which causes their coat to gradually fade to a lighter shade. So don’t be surprised if your puppy changes color as it grows up.


Expensive Grooming

Compared to other standard doodles, the larger size of Bernedoodles adds to the expenses of professional grooming, with prices reaching beyond $100 for each session.

Great Service Dogs

Given the great track record of their parents, Bernedoodles have the potential to be excellent service dogs. Their temperament and willingness to work make them ideal to be trained for this important role with ease and dexterity.

Can’t Be Registered

Their mixed heritage labels hinder their eligibility for registry at any national cynological association. This is likely attributed to the fact that later generations have a higher risk of hereditary diseases. Breeding second-generation Bernedoodles isn’t recommended.

Hypoallergenic dogs

If you are worried that a fluffy dog will make your allergies flare, you are in luck. These poofy pets have poodle-influenced coats that undergo little to no shedding as the loose hair remains in their curls. Moreover, they require little grooming, a win-win on both ends.

Bernedoodles Have a Relaxed Temperament

Bernedoodles owe their calm demeanor to their Bernese parents, although poodles are an energetic breed. These loyal companions are intelligent, playful, friendly, and easygoing. They are happy to chill all day at home close to their owners.

Their friendliness also makes them great pets for a household with small children. Their love for kids and their friendly nature make them great for kids.

Bernedoodles Are Healthy

Despite the popular belief that hybrid breeds tend to be unhealthy, Bernedoodles have hardly any health issues reported. They have an average lifespan of 15-16 years, and possibly longer for the smaller sizes.

They Can Develop Separation Anxiety

As both parent breeds have been working closely with humans for generations, their descendants are no different. However, they do seem to be prone to separation anxiety. This is why crate training and a pet sitter are good options to alleviate their anxiety when you are away.

Bernedoodle Puppy Facts

All puppies are undoubtedly adorable—no argument there. These fluffy balls of sunshine and playfulness are no exception. The little ones are born with pink noses which turn black as the puppy matures.

Furthermore, these cute puppies love to sploot, or lie flat on their stomachs and stretch out their feet and legs. With their large puppy eyes, cute little pink noses, and hilarious antics, it is impossible to not fall in love with these irresistible munchkins.

Bernedoodle Prices

Though purebred dogs can fetch high prices both due to their purchases and maintenance, well-bred hybrids are also much sought-after and expensive.

The average cost of a Bernedoodle puppy is $4000, and tricolored ones can easily sell for $5000 or more without accounting for their additional expenses and necessities.


Whether you decide to buy a Bernedoodle puppy or adopt one from a rescue or shelter anywhere in the US, you must undergo adequate research regarding their upkeep and make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for a Bernedoodle in Illinois, Kentucky, or Missouri, all it takes is a little patience and proper research to ensure that you are getting your dog from a reputable breeder.

A pet is a lifetime commitment and is entirely reliant on their human for love and support. So the responsibility to give your beloved companion a happy and fulfilling life are up to you.



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