The Best Dog Training Focus Exercises To Learn At Home

Welcoming a puppy into the family can be a beautiful time, but it also comes with some stress.

Puppies are vivacious, energetic, and simply won’t sit still. They are so full of life and excited about their future with your family, which can be lovely to see but is difficult to manage as time goes on.

This is why puppy training is so important, and you must get to work on training your pet as early as possible. Training your dog is something you can do at home without a professional trainer, but it does require discipline.

If you want to train your puppy at home, you should first start with focus training.

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What Is Focus Training?

The purpose of focus training is to get your puppy to remain focused on you.

At such a young age and in a new environment, it can be difficult to hold your dog’s attention for any length of time. This is the purpose of all focus training exercises, and these should be mastered before learning anything else.

After all, without their attention, you simply cannot teach your dog any new tricks.

In this kind of training, you are getting the dog used to giving you their undivided attention.

This is a great skill to develop for all dogs, as it ensures you can keep them under control in all environments. It also comes in very useful when moving on to other training exercises, as you know you have their attention.

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How To Focus Train Your Dog At Home

There are some simple yet effective dog training focus exercises that you can perform at home to get your puppy’s attention.

Learning to train your puppy at home is not only cost-effective, as it avoids paying for specialist training, but also makes the future with your pet easier.

By developing this relationship early on and letting your pet know who is in charge, you will be able to keep them under control in all situations.

Before you can start focus training your dog, there are some things you should prepare.

First of all, ensure you have enough treats on hand to see you through the training.

Dogs are easily motivated by food, and having their favorite treat on hand is a good way to get them interested in training.

You also need to ensure you have some free time where you can work with your dog uninterrupted.

To train your dog, you need to remain dedicated and disciplined. Setting some time aside in your schedule where you can work with your dog one on one is the best way to start focus training and all future training sessions.

This allows you to not only develop the connection you need with your dog to train them but also ensure the information will stick. Dogs can understand routines, and setting up a training routine with them early on is a great way to go for lasting success.

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