Why Are Apparels Good For Dogs?

Responsible dog owners often opt to find the best ways to protect and care for their beloved pets. You may often see this displayed by seeing dogs dressed up in clothing. Apparels for dogs serve more than just a mere fashion statement.

Putting clothes on dogs can serve many beneficial purposes. Even if your dog doesn’t have any specific health concerns or issues, wearing clothes when it goes outdoors can be an excellent method to protect your dog’s skin from the elements.

So why are apparels good for dogs? Here are some reasons you may need to be made aware of for putting clothes on your furry friend.

dog in shirt

Regulate Body Temperature

Dogs with thicker coats are usually made to withstand the temperature when it drops. Breeds like the Siberian Husky are used to the frigid weather, which doesn’t bother their skin. However, many other breeds or those with short or thinner hair could be more susceptible to cold weather and getting hypothermia.

With good insulation (such as clothing for added layers), your dog can regulate its body temperature. 

Chelsea animal hospital, Bond Vet shares that hairless breeds need to wear layers even while indoors for this reason. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the weather reports and ensure your dog has clothes to keep it comfortable and warm. 

Many dogs sport apparel like coats, sweaters, and even shirts with hoods that help combat freezing temperatures.

During warmer weather, dogs with thicker coats can likewise become uncomfortable or prone to being overheated. Consider investing in a cooling vest or jacket that helps deflect the heat as part of your dog’s wardrobe.

active dog in orange winter vest

Stay Clean

Dogs often like to roll around in dirt or grass and dig up soil. If you keep your dog in clothing, you can help save on the amount of bathing and keep the dirt away from your dog’s fur. 

It’s far easier to watch the clothing in your laundry than to clean and groom your dog – especially for dogs that hate getting bathed!

It also helps keep your home clean and free from your dog making a mess inside the house after rolling around in the dirt. The clothes also help with dogs who shed by trapping the fur inside them so hair doesn’t get all over the place.

Skin Protection

Consider keeping your dog protected from the elements outside, even if they aren’t experiencing any particular conditions against the cold or hot weather. Your dog can stay dry when it snows or rains outside. 

You can help protect your dog from harmful UV rays on scorching days with lightweight, breathable fabric or a shirt with SPF capabilities.

Clothes can also work to protect your dog’s skin from fleas or ticks. If you have a dog breed lower to the ground, such as a small dog breed or perhaps a Corgi, they may be more likely to pick up ticks and fleas, mainly if you live in or take them to more grassy and wooded areas. It’s still a good idea to ensure your dog is treated with anti-tick and anti-flea medications, but apparel can help keep bugs from biting or burrowing in your dog’s skin.

doodle puppy in hoodie

Helps with Conditions

Canines often experience a plethora of health conditions, and apparel can do a great deal to help them deal with these problems. 

Owners who notice separation anxiety in dogs can combat those feelings with apparel (believe it or not!), such as a calming vest or jacket that helps explicitly to work with dogs suffering from anxiety. It acts to swaddle or put pressure on your dog’s torso, which is like swaddling an infant.

Senior or older dogs that start succumbing to issues with aging, like arthritis or joint stiffness, can suffer more in colder temperatures. Having some clothes on geriatric dogs helps keep the aches and pains away. 

Other diseases in dogs, like Cushing’s disease, cause fur loss, so having apparel on your dog can help keep them covered, provide warmth, and help not bring attention to the bald spots or patches.

Apparel Provides Safety

One last reason that apparels are suitable for dogs is that the clothing works to keep your dog safe. If you take your dog out on a boat or by the water, it must wear a life vest for safety. 

Most dogs can swim, but being in an unfamiliar area or with a lot of water, it can still be dangerous for your dog to fall or jump in without a vest.

Another example of clothing as a safety measure is if you take your dog for a walk at night. Besides providing your dog its collar and leash, you can ensure your pup will be seen by oncoming traffic, people on bikes, or other people out walking or running by putting it in reflective clothing. The clothes also work to help you find your dog if it is to run off or go missing.

Be A Responsible Dog Owner

Caring for your dog isn’t limited to food, water, and love. And dogs who wear clothing may have many valid and beneficial reasons for doing so, which can also be advantageous for your dog as well. Clothes aren’t just fashion items for your pooch; they provide warmth, safety, and work to combat ongoing health problems.

If you have questions about clothing that is best for your dog or when it’s most appropriate, you should ask your veterinarian about your dog’s specific needs. 

Depending on your dog’s size, breed, or age, clothing can be very helpful. It ensures your dog is well taken care of and has the bonus of looking good, too!

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