Your Aquarium Hood Cover

Your Aquarium Hood Cover

Jumping Goldfish

An aquarium hood cover is an important piece to complete any goldfish aquarium. Not only will an aquarium hood cover make you feel good that your tank looks nice, it offers a number of benefits that help keep your goldfish healthy. Some goldfish owners have told stories about waking up in the morning to find a dead goldfish on the floor beside its tank. What they didn’t know was that a goldfish can jump out of the water and if there isn’t an aquarium hood cover to keep them from jumping out, they can fall to their death if someone isn’t around to put them back in their tank.

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Aquarium Water Evaporation

Your goldfish aquarium water can evaporate rapidly if your tank does not have an aquarium hood cover. Having one will make it so you don’t have to constantly replace the evaporated water, which in its own, does not constitute a water change. If all you do is replace the evaporated water, your tank will build up all the pollutants that were left behind. Eventually these levels of pollutants can become dangerous to the health of your goldfish. That means that you will not only have to replace the evaporated water but another 20% when you do your routine maintenance. This larger amount of water change could potentially mess with the biological filters in your goldfish tank.

Clean Aquarium Water

Having an aquarium hood cover will also keep thing out of your goldfish aquarium like dirt and dust or the paws form your cats or the hands of your little ones. Accumulating dust can build up quickly and clog your filters. blocking any airborne particles from entering your goldfish tank will help reduce your routine maintenance. Keeping hands and paws off your goldfish, will help your goldfish keep their protective slime coats – as well as keeping animal hair and what ever might be on the hands of those curious little ones.

Aquarium Hood Cover Options

There are many options of aquarium hood covers to chose from but you should buy the cover that matches your goldfish aquarium. Buying the same brand of aquarium and cover just makes more sense. Make sure it has holes in the back to run the cords of your filters through it, that is has a flip up front for easy access for feeding and especially if you have living aquatic plants, a place to add an aquarium light.

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  1. Are there any good covers available for gold fish bowls as well just a doubt. Hope to get an answer from you.

    • There is a chance they can jump out but it doesn’t happen all that often. I would just not fill the bowl to the very top. leave an inch and a half or so it makes it harder for them to jump out.


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