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An outdoor garden pond can be a great home for a goldfish. Given you can meet all criteria necessary to ensure its survival, it can live for years to come.


goldfish garden pond

  • Only hardy breeds or fish that are native to your region should be kept outside. It’s best to stick with common, shubunkin and comet breeds if you live in a geographical location that gets cold.
  • Your pond needs to be a healthy living space that takes into account all the vital water parameters including: water temp, oxygen levels, pH, ammonia and nitrates.
  • You will need to be able to maintain your pond by conducting routine maintenance throughout each season.

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7 comments on “How to Take Care of a Goldfish in a Pond

    • Usually the only goldfish breeds that should be kept outside over winter are Common and Comet types but I know of a few people that have successfully kept Black Moores outside during the winter. But not in a freezing climate where it snows. I myself would take in any small ones since they don’t handle temperature extremes as well as bigger fish do. If your pond is shallow, that might be a problem too. in a deeper pond, the water is slightly warmer at the bottom and the fish will hang out there. You could always buy a small heater that they can congregate around.

  1. Just opened your web site and I must say I LIKE IT…!!! All of my life I have wanted a fish pond. I have now moved to Thailand to retire and have built my wife (and me) hehehee….Three ponds…I look forward to all you have to offer here and will have many questions for sure…Thank you so much..Ted Davis, Chiang Rai Thailand…

    • I’m so jealous; you have three! Currently I don’t live in a location with enough space for a goldfish pond let alone three. Enjoy your retirement in Thailand, that sounds great.

  2. For the last three years or so my black (moors?) with the fan tails have bred with some of the orange commets. They produced a solid black commet, some with straight flowing tails and others with nice fan tails. I guess only about 5-6 of the babies survive each year, but after 2 years they really grow to about 4-5 inches. I have never seen these type fish and they live very nicely in my ousde fish pond. I wonder if they are expensive at a fish store if anyone has them in their store.

    • Those goldfish sound pretty neat looking. Usually those two wouldn’t make a good looking fish but it sounds like you have had good success with breeding them. Comets are hardy goldfish and the black moors are typically not as hardy in outdoor ponds. Again it sounds like you have also had success with them. I’m not a breeding expert so I wouldn’t know what they might sell for. I would post pics of it on a fish forum to see what the community thinks.

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