How to Stock a Goldfish Pond

How to Stock a Goldfish Pond

The basic rule of thumb for stocking goldfish aquariums is each goldfish needs ten to twenty gallons (37-75 liters) of tank space to be able to live to their potential. it’s also meant to help balance the biology of the tank. Having too many goldfish and not enough plants or beneficial bacteria to help eliminate the ammonia will cause water conditions to be less than adequate, not to mention an overstocked tank contains a lot more waste and requires more routine tank maintenance.

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The rule on how to stock a goldfish pond is slightly different. It’s not as important to stock “x” number of goldfish in any given goldfish pond size. A few solid rules to follow include: the strength and quality of the pond filter, the water turnover through the pond filter, the goldfish feeding regimen and few other goldfish pond essentials. That been said, the approximate number of goldfish to stock in a goldfish pond size “x” is no more than 24 inches (60cm) of goldfish body (excluding the tail) per meter of surface area. A good goldfish pond stocking tip is to never stock the pond with the maximum amount; good goldfish care means less is better.

Buy the goldfish stock over time, slowly adding to the pond and giving the pond enough time to create enough beneficial bacteria for biological filtration. It’s also a good idea to test the goldfish pond for ammonia levels during times of stocking; this will allow goldfish pond keepers to know if their biological filter is able to keep up with the goldfish stock numbers. If ammonia levels are high, preform a aquarium water change and add prepackaged beneficial bacteria.

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  1. Our pond test kit shows the pond water to be perfect. It’s a 70 gal pond I live in central tx. Never had a problem before THIS time I set up pond as said , put 2 gold fish in they died. Tested and waited out 3 more they died , did a 50 % water change tested put 3 in they died !!! I’m at whits end!! HELP . We have a good filtration and pump. What’s wrong ?


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