Goldfish Breeding Tank Setup

Goldfish Breeding Tank Setup

The results of goldfish breeding can vary greatly in an uncontrolled environment. A goldfish breeding tank and proper goldfish care will greatly increase the quality and survival-rate of the goldfish fry. Hand selected males and females with the best genetics can be placed into a goldfish breeding tank to keep the goldfish from cross breeding or if desired, encourage it among two different goldfish breeds.

If pond goldfish are brought indoors and placed in an aquarium for breeding purposes, realize they might feel uncomfortable in the confined space and never come into ideal breeding conditions. Often goldfish selected for breeding are chosen in the the late Summer to early Autumn in preparation for the next years spawning. These goldfish can be kept apart until they are paired up and then placed into the goldfish breeding tank when spawning conditions are right. Many goldfish breeders keep the males and females together to get the males more interested in breeding. When the males begin to chase the females and get tiny white bumps on the gill covers and pectoral fins called tubercles, the paired up males and females should be placed in the goldfish breeding tank.

Breeding Tank Setup

  • Proper sized goldfish aquarium
  • Heater to keep the water 68-70*F (20-21*C)
  • Sponge filter to avoid sucking up goldfish fry
  • Airstone to provide water circulation
  • Spawning mops for eggs to attach to
  • Ultraviolet sterilizer to kill fungus growth on eggs (first 48hrs)
  • Siphon with sponge on intake to preform water changes

Within a few days of this, the goldfish should begin to spawn. Once the female lays her eggs and the male fertilizes them, the two parent goldfish can be removed to keep them from eating the nutrient rich goldfish eggs. More eggs will hatch and more goldfish fry will have a chance for survival.

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    • Goldfish are social fish and they like to be around other goldfish. I’m not sure though if your goldfish is pregnant though. If she looks a bit fatter than usual, she might be.


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