A Growing Problem of Invasive Wild Goldfish

Goldfish originate from the Far East and have since then been introduced into the rivers, streams and ponds or Europe and the Americas. In most areas, wild goldfish are an invasive species that have been introduced by hobbyists who have dumped their unwanted goldfish into the local waterways. In other instances the hobbyists might have failed to provide an adequate barrier between their goldfish pond and the local waterways.

Wild goldfish wreak havoc on local wildlife and native fish species populations. Goldfish are hardy eaters and compete aggressively for food sources and also devour the native plant species that are so vital to the survival of the local ecology. In many waterways, this has already happened and in certain areas, it has become a huge problem, putting entire ecosystems in danger of failing. It will cost local and federal governments millions if not billions of dollars to fight this battle.

Don’t ever dump unwanted goldfish into your local waterways. Try giving away your unwanted goldfish to someone that has a goldfish pond or goldfish aquarium. These guys could even live in a koi fish pond if they are big enough in size.

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