Lumps on a Hamster

Lumps on a Hamster

Testicular Lumps

As a male hamster matures, its testicles develop. When a mature hamster gets warm, its testicles will become more prominent and then retract when they cool down. The male Chinese dwarf hamster on the other hand typically has prominent testicles all the time. There is no concern if these types of lumps appear. When there is a time to be concerned is when a hamster’s testicles become hardened, distended or don’t ever retract. These can be the signs of a testicular tumor. Seek the advice of a vet for a diagnosis. Surgery and castration might be the best treatment.

Black Bear Hamster

On the Mammary Glands

Lumps on a hamster’s mammary glands often appear on the sides or underside of the nipples. If these lumps grow fast or are hard to the touch, this could be a sign of tumor. Again, seek a diagnosis from a vet. Another type of lump on the mammary glad includes hamster mastitis. This involves swelling around the mammary glands due to a bacterial infection. It’s often caused during pregnancies and breast feeding.

Facial Lumps

Facial lumps can be caused by a few things. The first is when a hamster puts food in it’s hamster cheek pouches. It’s perfectly normal if your hamster stores food in its pouches. It only becomes a problem when the cheek pouches become impacted. If you notice your hamster puts food in but doesn’t push the food out, your hamster might need help removing the impaction.Another reason for a facial lumps can be the result of a hamster tooth problem. there are a few types of teeth problems that can lead to swelling. An abscess of the tooth can cause swelling and so can an infection as a result of overgrown or broken teeth.

On a Hamster’s Body

Dwarf hamster breeds get lumps on their chests and bellies as they get older. These lumps are not a concern unless they become ulcerated. In this situation, you should consult a vet for treatment options. Other lumps on the body can include the scent glands on the underside of the hamster or an obese hamster that simply has some excess fat. These are not to be of concern other than the need to treat the obese hamster.

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  1. My dwarf hamster has a white bump on both sides of his bottom lip. It was there a few weeks ago, only on one side and it went away. But now it has come back on both sides. I’m not seeing anything on the internet about it. The bumps are dry, almost like scabs, he drinks lots of water and is very active. I’m not sure what to do.

    • Same as with my hammie she’s very thirsty and active as well but she’s not eating all her food she only leaks it and she also have a bump under her chin. And I’m freaking out idk what to do

  2. My Syrian hamster (3 years old) has a lump right next to his left scent gland. He has had fur loss but that is quickly healing up now, he is also been drinking very frequently for large amounts of time. I don’t know what to do or if there is something wrong with him 🙁
    Other than that he is normal and doesn’t show any pain. This might be pretty random but he keeps on walking off the 1st floor in his cage. Is this normal?

  3. My hamster, 2 and a half years old, has developed a large lump on his lower back, near his bum. It’s not hard but it is black. He is still active, although not as active as he used to be, but i am aware that he is old, sadly. Do you think this lump is normal to develop or could it be something serious?

    • My Daughter’s fancy hamster has a small pimple-like bump on his back-side, is this cause for concern and what should I do about it?

  4. My female dwarf hamster has a lump on her lower stomach, I don’t know what to do, she seems alright in herself and I haven’t seen any changes in her behaviour. I don’t know if it is worth going to the vet or not. She is also not pregnant?

  5. My Syrian hamster has a lump on the side of its stomach and he is losing a lot of fur what should I do

  6. My Russian dwarf hamster has a red lump on the bottom of one of his front feet, it’s almost as big as the bottom of his foot, short should I do and what has caused it??

    • My hamster has a lump around it’s right arm, it doesn’t seem to be in pain but it’s red and has a hole that’s red in it. I’m not sure if the hole is blood but I’m very scared and I don’t know what to do.

      • My Russian dwarf hamster has a big right lump on its foot for a couple of weeks and now is limping plus he’s 2 so don’t know what to do.

    • Hamsters have scent glands (syrians have them on either side just in front of the hip, dwarfs have them on the belly), and males tend to have them more prominently than females. You may notice him sometimes letting his sides rub up on some surfaces as he walks around. Scratching them may be to help with spreading his scent as well.

  7. My hamster seems to have a “bone” sticking out almost right under her left arm. I’m really not sure what to do. Any suggestions or know what’s going on?

  8. My hamster is adwarf and their is a lump very big on his right leg front area I’m really worried and I can’t afford a vet and ik g
    He could pass at any moment hut when i found it on him it was like 5 weeks ago and he seems to b doing okay he moves an everything and I’m really worried because I can feel it back bone and waist bones and I can see he is getting smaller I’m really worried I had him for about a year and a couple months I just don’t want to give up on him so fast😞😭

  9. my sirian hamster has a lump under her neck in-between her front legs what does it mean, should I seek a vet, is there any home remedies and is it something to worry about? please someone help

    • My Syrian hamster has a lump but is eating and drinking still could it be a fatty lump is there something at home I can use to help her

  10. My hamster has a lump above her eye and I am a bit scared. I am not able to take her to a veterinarian because of the money situation. What do I do?

  11. My campbells dwarf hamster has I think 3 lumps on his body, one on his cheek one on his stomach and one on his back thigh. He’s lost the hair where they are aswell and they are under the skin and are relatively big. I didn’t notice until I fed him and picked him up just now because he looked bigger. I don’t know of any vets round here who take hamsters and he’s also decreased in energy ALOT in the past few days. I thought it was due to him getting older but now I think it mist be because of these lumps. What to do???

    • My winter white hamster has a lump on his chin and it’s kind of small, but looks big because he is small. I don’t know what to do, does anyone know what it might be?

      • In any case where your pet has a lump you should always ALWAYS take them to the vet at the first sign of a problem. Even if it takes a trip out of town to find a vet that treats them, it’s worth it to save your little friend’s life.

  12. Winter white hamster ( named Sam) has black on his scent gland and the area around it seems swollen. About once a week I find him licking it obsessively and rubbing it on rough surfaces like it itches.

    Would like to treat this at home if possible as I recently lost my job but if necessary can take him to the vet.

    Any advice?

  13. My hamster has a issues with tumors and I already have known it for a while but he has developed a weird swollen thing around his stomach and butt hole. It’s so swollen that he’s peeing on himself and having trouble getting his poop out. I’ve called everyone around but no vet takes hamsters. So what could be wrong with him and how should I try to help him?

    • If you can’t find a vet that can help, try rubbing a a thyme tea mixture on the lump. It may help with swelling. If it doesn’t help, you might just have to help clean your hamster’s backside often and keep him as comfortable as possible.

    • My robo hamster has a small lump on its bum area, I’m getting worried and I’m even more worried since I’m going on holiday soon and leaving him with my grandad, will everything be okay?

  14. My daughter has a male Russian dwarf hamster she has had him for going on two years not sure of his age we just noticed that he seems to have a swelling in front of his hind leg more on his side to belly. Doesn’t seem to bother him running climbing and eating. He just seems to go into screaming fits when he is waking up almost like he’s having a fit of some kind. Has anyone seen the same thing happen

    • I have Russian female dwarf hamster and just yesterday I noticed she has a bump on her right side nipple it’s little purplish n it feels like a ball inside. I’m concerned a day before I feed her a little bit of boiled chicken . I have to wait few days if it gets bigger then I have to round up money somewhere to take her to vet for lab works run tests on her make sure is nothing bad

      • Well if anyone is going through the same thing Russian dwarf bump on her mamaral gland feels inside her nipple. I took her to vet he sayed there couple options it could be fungal or infection he gave me some drops to feed her but I only gave them once or twice he also did cotton swap tab on it results came back negative for infection . Now my concern it could be a tumor.but biopsy are near 500 -800dollars plus more money to send the results to lab plus the vet consultation . I cannot afford that be near 1;000 dollars I can only imagine how much the surgery would cost/: they do offer I’m gonna look into it see if it covers for hamsters

  15. my hamster has a lump on his foot and im thinking it might be cancer but it does not seem to affect him that much the onky thing he does is pick at it but i think cause its 4 times bigger than his foot if any of you know what to do to help tell meh please

    • That’s happening to me too. My hamster has a lump on his foot and it isn’t that big yet but we’re worried. It doesn’t seem to bother him though. IDK

  16. Our dwarf hamster is about 10 months old and she has 2 glands either side of her bottom front teeth that sometimes are white/yellowy and swollen and then disappear. She has a little bit of a cheesy smell. Does anyone know what this might be please?

  17. My dwarf has a lump because she is old possibly over 2 yrs. Your hamsters could be getting lumps because not gentle or doesnt have a hamster companion doesnt fight with each other.

  18. My hamster, Lila, has a large lump on her right front leg. It makes her leg look strangely long. I am not sure if it is a tumor. My previous hamster had a tumor on her back leg it was very small but grew very large in a week then she died so I know what they look like. My hamster is not showing signs like my previous hamster did, she is walking with a bit of a struggle and she still eats, but she doesn’t sleep all the time and she doesn’t really need help. Please help me! I would prefer not to have to send her to a vet because I am 12 years old and I am not sure how much they cost. If your have any idea what is wrong with her please tell me! Also if you know a inexpensive vet for hamsters in Rochester NY. Thank You!

  19. Recently my hampster had a big lump.around his lower body under him my mom got him a few months a go and me or her are to afraid to touch it because it doesnt look like he has full trust on us so i would like it if anyone can help me

  20. My hamster is a female Russian dwarf hamster. She’s around 8 months old I believe or older and she has two lumps on her left paw and then her whole right leg is very swollen. When I got her she had a small lump and then it progressed and then she got the 2 small lumps on her other paw. Does anyone know what it is or maybe how I can treat it at home?

    • Does your hamster have a wheel with bars? That can cause “bumble foot” on hamsters. They need to run on a smooth surface. If that is the case, simply replace the wheel with one that is solid plastic all the way around. The Silent Spinner by Kaytee is an example.

      • So how should we make the foot get better? My winter white might have it but I don’t think it has gotten any better. 🙁

  21. I have a Syrian hamster around 12 weeks old.. he has 2 very slight bumps around where his hips are.. he chews them – makes them very soggy & it looks like he’s taken the fur out of one side too. He’s not had the lumps very long & I put the first down to bedding change which I then changed back but now the other side is worse than the original. I don’t know what to do?

  22. My hamster has a lump on his right arm it’s bigger than his little hand…..I was wonder what I should do….his name is Max plzz let me know😢

  23. Hi my female Syrian hamster has recently developed two reasonably big HARD DARK RED lumps on the back of her underbelly. She seems healthier but also has a lump behind her ear with a bit of fur loss around it. She seems fine but the Red spots look really serious. Has anyone else experienced this? If so how will it go/ can it be cured?

    • My hamster is going threw the same thing ! But mine is a male hamster , it’s growing a ball underneath his belly / behind his legs , and it’s getting bigger and bigger as well with his fur falling off and a open ball / cut under his ear, if you find anything that helps cure it please let me know too, I am very concerned about him

      • My hamster has the same thing! i have a female Syrian hamster and i noticed a large ball on her side above her leg. If anyone knows anything please help!

  24. So I got my hamster yesterday and it has a lump kinda underneath his cheek and my dad said it’s his food but I’m not sure if it can be that far back and he has had it for a couple of hours now, is this normal and also how long does the hamster usally have the food in his cheeks?

  25. I just noticed a lump on my 15 week old hamster… I’m not sure if its a male or female. But I have 2 in the same cage, not sure of either sex… But only one has a lump… More of a knot on its belly!? Didn’t notice it last night while holding em…??

    • if you have a male hamster, you can see that they’re a little longer because there you-know-what is more defiant. females are usually a little smaller, and you can’t really see their thiny! Also: it is not a good Idea to have two hamsters on one cage. they could make babies, get in little hamster fights, or could die. Not trying to scare you, but it’s not a great idea.:))

  26. My hamster has some swelling under her chin on eachside of her front legs and when i looked at it it looked like they were healed with a scab on them but she isne herself her eyse arent as open as they were when she is awake. and i dont thinkg shes walking lke she should be doing. So please if anyone knows what this may be please let meknow so i can try to help her feel better. thank you all in advance.

  27. My hamster has a small lump inside his cheek, I can’t see it, but whenever I touch his cheek I can feel it. I’ve had him for almost a year and he’s had it ever since ai bought him from a small baby. Is this normal? It doesn’t seem to hurt or bother him at all.

  28. I was just playing with my hamster and noticed a lump and I started freaking out because my second hamster died of a tumor so I am scared, but it isn’t too bad. I read over a lot of comments and stuff on your page which really helped but I am still worried. Thanks for your help and if anyone has any other suggestions/advice please let me know!! Please and thank you!

    • My first hamster also died of a tumor on my birthday 🙁 so I am very worried about my current hamster too. It doesn’t seem like she is in pain and I’ve noticed it for more than 2 weeks. My other hamster died 5 days after we noticed it.

  29. Have a chinese hamster. He has a lump/tumor on the left side of his body internally. Should I be worried? I was giving him a health check and feeling around, when I felt that! It’s not on the skin. It feels like a tumor. It’s only on the left side of his body. Thank you for your help!

  30. My Russian dwarf hamster who is about a year old has a bump right by his bottom lip, it seems to have gotten bigger and I’m super worried, any recommendations??

    • My hamster she is not a dwarf but she is pretty small I think she’s a yr and a half or two yrs now. But she has a large reddish purplish bump on her chest under the front right paw I’m really worried but she is still perky and seems normal except she’s biting me and stuff but that could just be new teeth or something. But I’m just worried because I can’t go to the vet if it’s life threatening she is to small to have it removed anyways I think.

      • My hamster has the same thing idk what to do and she is more active than usual. I think its a tumor . She could die anytime soon.

  31. I have a titanium hamster which is a kind of dawrf hamster and she has just under her front left leg. she is doing well though she drinks water, eats, exercises. I don’t know what to do though. Should I be worried about it. She is about to be exactly 1 year old since I got her last December right after I lost my teddy hamster from a tumor.

  32. My son had a Russian dwarf hamster which sadly died last night. The hamster (Chip) had several growths on him, a large one on his stomach and some others around his body, about 6 in total. About 8 months ago we took him to the vet when the first lump appeared, the large growth on his stomach. They suggested putting Chip to sleep which I stopped from happening, I said we would monitor him, he lived for another 8 months and seemed perfectly ok. Around 2 or 3 days ago we noticed a marked difference in how he looked, he was very bedraggled and thin and went downhill very quickly. Chip had stopped drinking and eating but we managed to give him some water via a syringe for the past couple of days. It might be my imagination but he looked like he appreciated it. Last night he passed away on my sons chest while being comforted. Very sad all round.

    My point is that is seems Dwarf Hamsters are prone to these growths but we were not ware of it until we found his first growth and started researching it. It was quite a traumatic time as Chip was only 11 months old. Are there any specialists who can explain what these growths may be? Had we known about these we probably would not have bought little Chip as 11 months is so short a time.

    However, Chip was a beautiful, friendly little ball of fur and always pleased to see us and my son loved him, he never bit anybody ever and was loved by us all. It was so very sad to see the little chap pass so suddenly. He now has a little spot in our garden to rest.

  33. My winter white female dwarf hamster has lumps the size of her head on her sides and I had her a year so I know she’s not pregnant. What are they? Have any advice?

    • It might be a tumor. I would make sure she is comfy, feed her and give her water. I might be wrong so look around for some other answers to. You might want to take her to a vet if you can afford it. I think they probably know more than I do. Good Luck!

  34. I have two female hamsters in a cage together and sometimes they get hormonal and fight but it’s usually never more than a small squabble, no biting for blood. About a week ago though they got into a fight and one of my hamsters managed to rip off a clump of hair from the others forhead and she bled but I cleaned it up and treated the wound, her behavior has not changed at all she is still the same but recently I picked her up and examined her head and in place of the wound now she has a lump. I’ve researched cancer lumps but it looks nothing like that, it sort of looks more like when you hit your head pretty badly and you get a lump. It could be anything though, the hair hasn’t grown back, any suggestions??

  35. My hamster is just about half a year old. He has small bumps near his scent gland and recently I also found another bump on his leg. He’s losing fur on his belly. Other than his physical appearance, everything he does is normal. I’ve looked at websites everywhere and they don’t really tell me much so I don’t know what to do to make the bumps go away.

  36. Hi I have dwaf hamster he’s got a lump with tiny hole in it on right side chest and worried as seems go away then comes back again he’s about 2 yrs old

    • the hamster is getting older and it’s pretty common to have a bump on them as they get older. and if it has a hole or an infection, discoloration, bleeding, loss of fur, etc. than a vet is highly recommended.

    • That sounds familiar to wht is going on with my hamster I’m still trying to see is it’s life threatening or what it is

  37. My hamster is almost 2.5 years old and has a lump on her side she had also lost fur is this an age problem or something more ?

  38. My hamster woke up one day with several hard lumps by her left hind leg. She is still active but shes starting to slow down and it bothers her when she cant walk right

    • Same as my hamster, I just checked her now, i haven’t held her for a while she has a round red lump on her right paw about the same size as her paw and slightly above it, can anyone help I will bring her to the vet but i just want to see if there is anything I can do…

  39. Hi, recently we have been looking to remove my hamster as we are not capable of giving him daily needs and all that… But recently a lump has appeared on her back and the fur in that area has shedded! Help plz!

  40. I have a 11 month old Syrian hamster, he has a medium sized bump near his kidney. I think it’s a tumor but i’m not sure. He runs on his wheel all the time. Eats alot and wants to come out everyday, should I be worried?

  41. I have a 2 year 2 month old Syrian albino hamster. He has developed a lump near his scent gland on his left side that he occasionally worries and makes bleed, the lump is now oozing slightly occasionally. He has had it for about 3 months, the oozing only about 3 weeks, but it isn’t bothering him at all. He eats, drinks and is totally his usual friendly self. We have no vets in our area that cares for small mammals adequately. We have had 17 hamsters over the years and occasionally needed the advice of a vet but haven’t found one and have almost always been able to treat and cure the few maladies by looking online for information. This is stumping is though.

    • U should take him to a vet if it bleeds and stuff it could be cancer I thrill I would recommend taking him even if he is acting normal, just to make sure so u don’t loose him.

  42. Noticed a lump ot swelling on side of my syrian male a day ago he doesnt seem in pain but its rather big and his ears are down all the time he never has em like that allways perky….. He lets me pet n hold him n doesnt seem i discomfort … Any ideas ehat it could be as have no money gor cet treatment right now

  43. My robo dwarf hamster, Yogi, has gone very red all along his belly and is losing his fur in that area, too. Also, down by his bits is a very red lump but I can’t look at it very well because he’s very quick. I don’t know if I should be worried or if it will go by itself. He seems ok in himself so is it something dangerous?

  44. I have one and a half year hampster, he has several lumps , one on is leg. one on is ears and one on his lips.
    I took him to a vet, he told me they were tumor(not necessary malignant)
    How can I treat this tumor
    Thanks J. Vermont

  45. My dwarf hamster has had 2 successful pregnanies and after the 2nd birth (4 babies) she developed a lump on her lower back. Its not quite hard- a bit soft but im not sure if it is from sleeping or just an obscess?
    What could it be and how can i cure it?

  46. I have a Syrian Hamster and he has 2 small lumps – on both sides of its body, internally. Is this something to be aware of?

    • it could mean your hamster is heated meaning he wants to mate if he pushes on his stomach and his privet areas are more prenounsed it could mean he is ready to mate but if that is the case it will go away in a few days this happend to my hamster

  47. My Syrian hamster is almost 2 and she has a bump between her front legs. It almost touches the ground but she still eats and goes on her wheel normally although she does squeak more. Should I be worried or is it just ageing?

    • It’s hard to say what the issue is. It’s good that she acts like her normal self. You could take a photo and send it to a willing vet. The vet could then tell you if you need to come in for treatment. It could just be an abscess that needs to be drained.

  48. My 2 year old male Russian dwarf hamster has a huge lump under his hear and the hair wlhas gone. I’m getting really worried as I know it could be teeth related but the hair has gone?

  49. I have a 2 year old Russian dwarf hamster who has developed 2 soft, pink fleshy lumps on his belly over the last few weeks. He is still quite active and goes on his wheel still. He is still eating fine abd v happy in himself.
    I have googled it and apparently its common in older hamsters so my mind is slightly more at ease. If anyone else has any other ideas i would be interested 😊 🐭

  50. Help me my dwarf hamster is 1 year old and he has this large lump inside of his body by his leg. Is it a tumor? He shows no signs of pain and he is doing everything regularly. The lump is located by his right side hind leg and he has a slight limp and the bump is very noticeable when he walks

  51. my syrian hamster is 2 yrs old he gets about well and eats very healthy and well he has got a large bald shiny lump on the left leg and u can just see him dragging his foot although he is still active and seems happy i would like some advice about it . is it old age and just one of those things that i carnt really do anything about.

    • It could be age related, yes, that is a possible cause. You can try to reduce any swelling by making a thyme tea mixture to apply with a cloth or feed it some dandelion leaves. It may help.

  52. Hi everyone,please help.
    Why my dwarf hamster growns 1extra flesh beside its mounth ?
    It small at first.But grown bigger and longer after 3weeks .
    She is still eating as per normal.
    But still worrying me 😂

  53. My dwarf Russian hamster has developed a soft pink lump on his chest between his front legs which doesn’t appear to be painful.
    He is two years three months old.
    It has developed over the last few days.
    He isn’t spending as much time in his wheel but is still eating and drinking and getting in and out of his bed.
    What should I do for him?

  54. I have a Syrian hammy and he has his big but…is what I call it then one lump in the middle should I be concerned? What would I do, I just got him so I’m still taming him (got him Sunday November 1 2015)

  55. my dwarf hamster recently started getting testicular lumps
    as this is common in male dwarf hamsters i know i should not be worried, but these lumps seem to be bothering my hamster, especially when he walks
    is this just because he is not used to them?
    i just want to know if this is cause for concern

  56. My hamster has a huge lump on the side of his face and it’s making me worried! My mom says we can’t afford a vet because hamsters dont live that long!! 😭😭😭 i dont want to loose her this way it makes me so sad…. But her bump is under her eye and it has a little purple spot in the very center is it possible that its a bug bite???!!!??? It’s hard to the touch…

    • A lump can be so many things so it’s hard to tell what the issue might be. We recommend calling a vet for advice. You can also make a thyme tea and use a warm wash cloth to clean and soothe the lump. it might help the swelling go down a bit. dandelion leaves are a good diuretic which might help reduce swelling as well.

  57. My grey dwarf hampster has started to get multiple lumps on his ears and testicals. My hampster is acting normal and not appeared to be affected by this but i am unsure as to what to do?
    And I am starting to worry?

    • The testicles of the male Chinese dwarf hamsters tend to protrude out more so than other hamsters. So the lumps might not be anything. If you do suspect a lump, you should call a small animal vet. Some owners will feed their hamsters dandelion leaves to help reduce swelling. That is of course not a cure.

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