How to Treat a Sick Hamster

If your hamster is ill or injured, there are things you can do to treat it. After you observe the behavior of your sick pet and note the signs and symptoms, you can go about treating it for those ailments. It’s worth mentioning that the best treatment is illness prevention. That being said though, no amount of hamster care can guarantee your little pet won’t ever get sick of injuried in it’s 2-3 year lifespan.

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Treatment Basics

  1. The first thing you should do is separate the sick hamster from the rest of its roommates. This should only apply to dwarf breeds because the larger Syrian breeds shouldn’t be housed together in the same hamster cage. The last thing you want is to spread any illnesses to the other healthy ones or have an injuried hamster get stressed out with too much activity going on in its cage.
  2. The next thing to do would be to heat the treatment habitat to 70-85*f (21-29*c) and make sure there are no drafts. You can use a heating pad or a heat lamp. Make sure the sick hamster has a way to escape the bright light as in providing a hamster house to hide in and make sure not to over heat the habitat. This heat treatment will make the hamster more comfortable and less stressed. Stress typically leads to a lowered immune system.
  3. While your hamster is in isolation, it’s time to clean its normal living habitat. Begin by putting on some gloves (or washing your hands thoroughly afterward) and removing all the waste. It’s not often that a human can get sick from a hamster illness but you should be careful when dealing with any animal waste since airborne particulates can potentially get into your system and make you sick (Warning: hamsters can spread rodent meningitis or fungal infections. Pregnant women should avoid contact with hamsters). Next remove and replace the bedding, food and water. Sanitize all of the surfaces by using a diluted soapy water mixture or a 10% bleach solution. (1/4 cup of bleach to 2 1/4 cups water); rinse these surfaces well. residual bleach vapors can be toxic to anyone especially a small pet in an enclosed space.
  4. Finally, you might need to get veterinarian care if the sickness or injury doesn’t get better with your treatment efforts. Getting the appropriate medication in a timely manner is important so seek out a vet sooner than later.

Read more about specific illnesses and injuries and their proper treatment in the hamster illnesses section.

Djungarian Hamster

3 comments on “Treat a Sickness
  1. Barry says:

    It’s not as active as it use to be. It not using It’s two front legs at all. Any suggestions.

  2. alexandria says:

    My hamster has ben sick for a few days and I had 2 other hamsters that died from what looks like the same thing and one of the ones that died was her dad and the other was her sister.her symtoms are: messy looking fur 1 of her eyes is normaly held shut buy crust which I use warm water on a wash cloth to get off and when I pick her up her sides feal fat,but I can feal almost all her bones and for the first few days her poop stuk to her skin/hair around her anus and she only seems to drink water when I put her water bottle in front of her mouth(she lives in a 10 gal. Tank with no lid).she also sleeps a lot and never wakes up unless I waker her up or she has to pee, or eat (she is 6 months old her and her sisters wher born at my house and her mom is still alive and healthy) she doesn’t seem to eat much.pleas answer as quickly as posible I don’t know how much longer she has!

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry for the late reply, this was the soonest i was able to get to this. :( it sounds like your hamster has the flu or a cold. When your hamster gets sick like this, you should follow the steps on this post and remember to try and keep them hydrated. To prevent things like this, if you or anyone in your family is sick, stay away from your hamsters. Also, try to keep your hamster’s room clean and free of germs.

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