Hamster Illness Guide

Hamsters have a lifespan of two to three years but some have been known to live up to four years or longer due to exceptional hamster care and a bit of luck. During a hamster’s life, like all living things, it can become ill, sick or injured from various ailments or accidents. With proper prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a sick hamster, you can hope for your little pet to be fortunate enough to live a long (in hamster years) and happy life.

Caring for a Sick Hamster

Hamster Illnesses Directory

Some of the common ailments that can affect a hamster’s health include to name a few: bar rub, colds, cuts, dehydration, dry ears and skin, bad falls, hip spots, kinked tails, lumps and bumps, problems with nails, odd noises, bad smell, strokes, teeth issues, thinning fur, behavior problems, urine color change, weight loss, mites or fungal infestations. Read more…

Prevent Hamster Illness

The best treatment of hamster illnesses is to prevent them from ever happening. If you can provide a healthy diet, plenty of fresh water and a good exercise regimen, your hamsters will in turn be healthier and less likely to succumb to an illness. It’s also important to keep a clean and comfortable living space for them. Read more…

Signs and Symptoms of a Sick Hamster

In order to determine is your hamster is sick with an illness, you must first observe its behavior. If the hamster’s behavior is off from what it normally is, that a sure sign something might be wrong with your little pet. Check how it acts and interacts with you or other hamsters. Another thing to observe is to check its body for physical signs of injuries or illnesses. Read more…

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