4 Common Cat Accidents and Injuries for Pet Owners to Know

You love animals and you wish to keep them safe- at least from harm you can prevent. You can keep them from running into traffic by installing an electric gate. You can keep them from running off cliffs by managing their outdoor activity.

However, you should be aware that cats commit accidental injuries and cause injuries to others. Knowing what types of injuries and accidents can occur, you can be more prepared and use preventative measures to keep your cat safe.

Keep reading to learn about the common cat accidents and injuries that can happen.

cat caught eying a house plant to destroy

1. Falls

Cats are known for their incredible agility and love for heights. Still, sometimes accidents can happen, leading to falls and potential injuries.

Cats may misjudge a jump or lose their balance while exploring elevated surfaces like windowsills, balconies, or trees. These falls can result in injuries, from minor bruises and sprains to more severe fractures or internal trauma.

To prevent falls, ensure your windows and balconies have secure screens or barriers, and supervise your cat’s outdoor activities. While prevention is key, knowing how to provide Pet First Aid in case of a fall, such as assessing for injuries, immobilizing if necessary, and seeking immediate veterinary care, can help ensure your cat’s well-being and recovery.

2. Poisoning

Cats are usually curious and may encounter dangerous things inside and outside. Some plants (like lilies, azaleas, and poinsettias), home chemicals (like cleaners, insecticides, and antifreeze), human prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and some human foods (like chocolate, onions, and grapes) are common sources of poisoning.

To keep your cat from getting poisoned, learn what plants and substances are harmful, keep them out of their reach, and store household chemicals and medicines in a safe, hard-to-reach place. If you think your cat has eaten something poisonous, call your vet or a pet poison control service immediately.

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3. Road Accidents

Cats with access to the outdoors are exposed to the potential dangers of traffic. Roaming cats may wander onto roads or dart across them unexpectedly, putting themselves at risk of being hit by vehicles. Road accidents can result in severe car injuries or even fatal outcomes for cats.

To minimize the risk, consider keeping your cat indoors or providing them with a secure outdoor enclosure where they can safely enjoy the fresh air. Supervised outdoor time on a leash and harness can also be a safer alternative. 

4. Fights and Bites

Cats are protective animals, so they can get into fights with other animals, especially with other cats. Scratches, bites, and abscesses can happen due to these experiences. They can be painful, and easy to get sick. Male cats are more likely to fight for control or territory, especially if they haven’t been neutered.

When you neuter or spay your cat, it will act less aggressively. Clean and treat any cuts your cat gets right away, and talk to your vet about it because bites can get infected.

Educate Yourself on Common Cat Accidents

Cat accidents require urgent medical attention. Pet owners need to be aware of the potential risks and hazards they may face and how to best prevent and treat common injuries to cats.

Fortunately, with knowledge and proactive measures, cat owners can help keep their pets safe and healthy! If you’re concerned your pet may have experienced an accident or injury, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

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