4 Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Leashes And Harnesses

Keeping your feline buddy safe during a walk outside or a trip is as easy as choosing the right cat leash and harness. Get it wrong, and you’ll risk your cat slipping out and darting into danger.

However, with such numerous cat leashes and harnesses available in the market today, how do you choose the right one for your feline?

This article will teach you everything you need to know about choosing the best cat leashes and harnesses to feel confident next time you go shopping.

Collars Vs. Harnesses: What’s The Difference?

Before we dive deeper into choosing the best cat leashes and harnesses, let’s talk about the difference between a collar and a harness.

Collars are pieces of material that are wrapped around your feline’s neck. Decades ago, collars were used to restrain pets. Today, however, cat collars are more about fashion and protection. Collars often hold identification tags and medical information for your feline if they get lost.

However, a quality harness is a more appropriate and safer choice in terms of walks or outside activities.

Harnesses are more elaborately-designed than collars. They are often composed of several materials, including several straps that fit comfortably around your cat’s torso and securely fasten or buckle together.

In addition, harnesses are better suited for cats that pull. Thanks to its design, a harness helps spread the force of tugging across their body. Thus, sparing your feline will be spared the discomfort or damage to their windpipe and neck.

So, now that you understand the difference between a collar and a harness, let’s move on to choosing the right one for your feline buddy.

How To Choose The Best Cat Leash And Harness

  • Safe Cat Harnesses

When you’re walking your cat on a leash, having a safe cat harness can ensure your cat is comfortable without pulling on its chest or neck. Supakit cat harnesses are easy to put on, adjustable, and use a pioneering cradle design to keep your cat secure and comfortable without restricting movement. This relieves the pressure of a cat collar and lets you go on adventures with your kitty with the knowledge that you’re not harming them.

cat on a walk

Green Leather Cat Harness from Supakit.co

  • Understand The Types Of Leashes

There are three common types of leashes for cats. These include:

  • Standard Flat Leash

The most common choice for cats and dogs, a flat leash is your most basic type of leash. It’s about four to eight feet long and features a clasp at the end to clip onto your cat’s harness. It comes in various strengths and thicknesses. This type of leash is also less likely to get tangled when your cat decides to roll in the grass.

  • Bungee Leash

A bungee leash is a stretchable rubber that provides a buffer for excited cats. Its elasticity protects you and your cat from the strain caused by abrupt and strong pulls. If your kitty suddenly runs from you, a bungee leash will stretch with them to reduce any jolt that they may feel in the harness.

However, a bungee leash tends to get a bad rap since it offers less control of your cat and may encourage pulling behavior. Thus, it’s not recommended to leash train your kitty.

Regardless of the type you choose, your cat’s leash should be long enough to hold it comfortably without pulling your cat’s neck upward. If in doubt, you can always choose a slightly longer leash that allows your cat to explore.

  • Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes neatly coil up for easy storage, providing precise control of your kitty’s walking radius. When it’s time to call her back, a retractable leash offers control if she doesn’t listen, allowing you to reel her back.

However, these leashes are more easily tangled and difficult to unknot. Also, some cats may dislike the sound that a retractable leash makes.

woman walking a cat

  • Learn About The Different Harness Styles

In general, there are three main types of cat harnesses that go with a leash.

  • H-Harness

Thanks to its small footprint, H-harness is the most common and popular type. This harness is made of H-style straps and offers the least coverage. Despite its small coverage, an H-harness allows for an even distribution of pressure. It has easy-to-use clasps that allow for easy wearing and comes in a variety of sizes. That said, cats may easily slip out of H-harnesses because of their design.

  • Jacket Harness

This type of harness offers the best coverage for extra secure hold on your cat. With a jacket harness, you can prevent your kitty from wriggling out of the harness when scared or startled. Most jacket harnesses feature easy-to-secure Velcro straps to outfit your cat easily.

Keep in mind that some cats may be scared or uncomfortable with the sound of Velcro straps.

  • Vest Harness

A vest harness combines the other two styles. It offers more coverage like the jacket harness and features straps that provide a secure fit. This provides better pressure distribution while keeping your cat comfortable.

  • Ensure Proper Fit

Whatever type of harness you choose, you need to ensure proper fitting. This helps prevent escape while making sure that your kitty stays comfortable.

To ensure a proper fit, measure your cat’s neck and girth snug against her fur. Add two to three inches for comfort, and use these two sizes to pick the right size of the harness. If your cat is between the standard sizing guide, it’s recommended to size up instead of down. The most harness features adjustable straps to ensure proper fitting.

You also need your cat’s harness to be snug but not too tight. They should be able to walk freely and comfortably without restriction, but you also don’t want them to wriggle out of the harness easily.

In general, the best fit allows you to place a finger or two under the harness.

cat in lawn with a harness on

Take Away

Choosing the best cat leashes and harnesses is essential for equipping your car for outdoor adventures.

A well-fitting harness and the correct type of leash should help keep your kitty comfy and safe as both of you enjoy a walk outside or explore different cities and destinations together.


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