How To Have A Safe Christmas With Your Pets

We love our pets, and if you are a cat person, you definitely love your cat. So many people say that cats are not as loving as dogs, and you know that is wrong. Cats snuggle, cuddle, play, and can be great fun. They are crazy and bizarre and might do the strangest things.

Christmas tree

Cats and Christmas- Hazards Galore.

In fact, you have probably bared witness to your cat making an attempt to climb your Christmas tree and watched them fail, or even topple the whole tree over in the process.

Being a cat owner means being prepared to catch things they push off tables, pick up fur balls, and find them in places you never thought you would see a cat in. “Why is the cat in the lampshade?”.

However, cats are one pet you really need to be cautious of at Christmas. Christmas and cats make for hazards galore and if you are not careful, the combination of the two could lead to some pricey veterinary bills.

So, let’s take a look at how you can have a safe Christmas with your cat.

cat looking out window

Things to remember.

First of all, we have to mention the obvious, if your cat is hanging around the Christmas tree, keep an eye on them and it. Christmas trees for cat owners can be chaotic in the making, especially if the kitty likes to climb!

It is best to go for the artificial trees and plants because festive plants such as poinsettia and berries that are found in holly and mistletoe are actually poisonous for cats, so if you like these plants as decoration, keep them artificial.

Remember that tinsel and decorations can be dangerous if they are swallowed. And festive foods such as chocolate, raisins, onions, and garlic are all poisonous to cats, and to dogs too!

Remember that Christmas is a busy time, family and friends are around, the house is full of people and there are loads of noise. Cats like things chilled, and will likely get stressed out, so, give your kitty some space and a safe place to hide.

Decorations are a hazard.

Cats are keen climbers, and a lit-up tree is an opportunity that cannot be resisted. If you have a real Christmas tree, maybe… give it to a friend, cats may like nibbling or licking and the soils that these trees can produce are toxic which will make your cat sick. Fertilizers and plant food that may be used in the growth of these trees can also be harmful to cats.

Decorations can be a hazard too, especially glass baubles which they may want to play with, if they break, broken glass and your kitty’s paws will not make for a good mix. Tinsel can also cause serious illness if it gets ingested. Remember to also cover all wires using casing, and switch off Christmas lights when you are not home.

cat stretching on couch

Keep your tree cat safe.

One option you have is Christmas trees for cat owners. You can simply get one that is safest for cats. Or, if it is too late for that, do all you can to make your tree as cat-friendly as possible.

  • Ensure it has a sturdy base.
  • Display hanging decorations closer to the top of the tree, especially breakable ones.
  • Avoid glass baubles, use non-shattering ones.
  • Always switch off lights when you are not home.
  • Be cautious with tinsel.
  • Keep your cat’s presents away from the tree.
  • Supervise your cat when they are around the tree, especially if they are young and playful.

Festive plants Vs Cats.

We love festive plants, don’t we, they are so beautiful and really give us that Christmas feeling. However, some of these are toxic to cats, so let’s give you a heads-up, so you avoid these like the plague, and keep your cat safe.

  • Lilies- These plants are very dangerous to cats. Even small amounts of pollen, be they brushed, licked, or drunk, can be poisonous. This means any type of lilies.
  • Poinsettias.
  • Berries from mistletoe and Holly are poisonous if ingested.
  • Amaryllis.
  • Dumb cane or leopard Lilly causes mouth irritation.

If your cat has eaten or ingested any of the above, contact your vet immediately.

Caution with food.

Onion and garlic, be they cooked or raw, is poisonous to dogs and cats. Do not give your pet any food that is even infused with these.

Raisins and grapes are also toxic, as are chocolates and sweets. Also, be cautious with any brittle bones from meat, these can fracture and get stuck in your pets’ throat, if giving meat as a Christmas treat from leftovers, only give breast meat or meat with no bone at all!

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