How to Keep Cats Off and Out Of Things?

When you have a cat as a pet, it can offer you great company when alone. However, if you have many cats or one stubborn cat, it’s stressful when the cat climbs and jumps on things. Other times, you might not be a cat person, but your neighbor’s cat keeps jumping to your garden or your house. That would cause many problems. For example, even though you can groom your cats with a grooming glove every day, you can find cat hair everywhere. Worry no more because here we have ways to keep cats off and out of things.

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How To Keep Cats Out of Garden

When cats get to your garden, they might dig the soil around your plants and tamper with growth. Also, cats are carnivores, and their feces contain harmful parasites. When they poop in the garden, the plants will absorb the parasites. If you feed on the plants, later on, you might get infected with the parasites. That is why you need to keep the cats off your vegetable beds in the garden. Here is how:

  • Make the surface prickly- Cats love walking on soft areas. When your garden surface is prickly, the cats will stop visiting. You can make your garden surface prickly by covering the surface with twigs, trimmed leaves, eggshells, pine cones, or chicken wire.
  • Fence your garden- this is an obvious way of keeping any animal away from your garden. Surround your garden with a wire mesh fence to block the cats from getting in. Let the fence be at least 2 meters high so that the cat cannot jump over it.
  • Clean the place- cats always urinate to mark their favorite spot. When you clean up the cat’s favorite spot, they will get confused once they get there and leave. Preferably use a soap and a hosepipe with pressure so that the scent is thoroughly washed.

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How To Keep Cats Off Counters

Cats are meant to climb trees and jump from one place to another as they seek food and avoid danger. That is why you will notice your cat keeps climbing on top of counters. It is not easy for you to keep cats off the counter because that is their natural behavior. However, once you know why your cat climbs on counters, it will be easier for you to find a way to stop them. If your counter has foodstuffs, like bread crumbs, the cat will climb over to get the food. Therefore, keeping your counter clean is one way of keeping the cat off counters.

Often, cats climb on top of counters to have a good view of small rodents. From above, it will be easier for the cat to hunt and catch the rodents. To solve this, you can get artificial cat trees, where your cat can climb, jump, and scratch freely. Train a cat by putting it on the Cat Trees every time you get it on the counter. With time it will start avoiding the counter and keep jumping and climbing on the cat tree.

How To Keep Cats Out of Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has attractive lights. The lights might make your cat want to climb on it. Unfortunately, the cat will not just be contented with the lights, and it might try pulling out the lights and chewing the wires. That is the whole point to why you need to put cats off the Christmas tree.

First, ask yourself, what smells do cats hate? With the answer, you will have a solution. Cats hate the citrus smell and foils. Cover the trunk of your Christmas tree with foil, and you will notice how your cat will avoid it. Alternatively, spray the Christmas tree with citrus-scented spray, or place orange peels around the base of your Christmas tree. Once the cat notices the citrus smell, it will not move close to the Christmas tree again.

Even when you are a cat lover, the cat might become a nuisance once in a while. That is why you need to master the simple ways to keep the cat off your property. Additionally, cat repellant sprays sold in pet stores can help you keep cats off and out of things.

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