Why Should You Have Cats At Home? Here Are Purrrrfect Reasons!

When it comes to home pets, the most typical animals we see are cats and dogs. Between the two, a great portion of animal lovers prefer dogs over cats. However, times have a changed as the latter has become as popular as the man’s best friend, don’t you think?

Reasons to Own Cats

No arguments intended here; everyone is entitled to their own choices. But according to Statista, the recent number of dog ownership in the U.S. is 89.7 million, while the number of households with pet cats is around 95.6 million, having a significant difference of 6 million American households. It goes to show how feline pets are dominating the households in the U.S. in terms of the ownership count.

But more than just getting on top of surveys, the love for cats has become more and more evident nowadays. Just like taking care of dogs or other types of pets, owning a feline pet does come with preferences; people take care of cats because it’s their choice. And did you know that having a feline companion at home has its perks?

If you have thought of bringing a cat home, then it’s a sound decision. Why? There are many purrrfect reasons why. From economical, physical, health to spiritual benefits, cats can be your greatest furry home companion.

Benefits your home and the economy

One of the best things about having cats at home is their ability to sense and exterminate pests. Pesky rodents and insects don’t stand a chance against the aggressiveness of a feline hunter. And as a proof of their work, cats oftentimes show their dead prey to the owners, which can be nasty.

cat ownership economy

Aside from being efficient pest exterminators, cats are friendly to your budget and to the environment. How? Because of their relatively smaller size, they don’t need so much food, you get to save some money. Their small food intake results in a lower production of carbon footprint. In return, pet food manufacturers, who depend on fuel for their production, emit lesser amounts of carbon dioxide, a Purring Pal article reveals . And we all know how toxic CO2 is for us.

Taking advantage of their small physique, cats are good companions, especially when you live in apartments. They don’t need so much space to run around. They are also low-maintenance pets that are contented with staying at home and just lazing whenever they feel like it. More than 80 percent of their existence is spent on sleeping, so they can be apathetic most of the time. They don’t care if you leave them inside the house.

If you live in the countryside, cats are not only good house companions, but they can also get along with large farm animals like cows, horses, and sheep. Because of their playful nature, cats help in keeping these meek, barn giants relaxed.

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Good for the children

Generally speaking, getting a pet encourages children to be responsible individuals. But there are many other advantages when kids take care of pet cats.

children and cats good together

For one, petting a furry kitten enhances a child’s mental focus. Considering the kids’ short attention span, teachers use animals in their lessons to foster the interest in learning. And cats are perfect animals to be part of every subject and discussion. It also goes the same when kids are at home. Cats help improve the mental sharpness in children since these furry animals don’t move around very much. They prefer to sleep, making it easier for the little ones to concentrate on their homework.

Having pets at home is also a good way to protect kids from getting allergies and to decrease the chances of coughs. Many researchers think that exposing kids to pet dander and outdoor microbes, which pets bring into the house, could develop the immune systems of growing children. The presence of these common allergens at an early age could train the body to fight the microbes and build better defenses to fend off disease-causing bacteria and virus.

Spiritual Advantages

Yes, you have read the right. Having a pet cat at home does bring spiritual benefits. According to Awareness Act, feline companions can sense when our auras are all over the place. They also have the ability to get into our aura and put it back to its proper place.

spiritually kitten

But wait, there’s more. Cats are not only effective in exterminating pests, but they can also repel bad spirits and negative energies around your home. Have you noticed why your cat suddenly hisses? It means that they sense something that we can’t perceive. And have you noticed why most witch movies have cats? It’s because these feline creatures are known to deflect evil spells or curses from toxic guests. They shield you from unperceivable danger without you knowing it.

Have nightmares been haunting you lately? Then you’d probably get a cat. When they sense that you’re having bad dreams, cats wake you up by tapping their paws or rubbing their faces. Many psychics also believe that the feline astral energy can expel unwanted guests from your unconscious state.

Healthy for the Body

Although you won’t have to take them out for walking or jogging, taking care of kittens or adult cats has health benefits that have been proven by scientific studies. One of these benefits is decreasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Medical researches revealed that cat ownership lowers stress levels, veering you from experiencing heart problems such as stroke and heart attack.

emotional pros felines

physical benefits kitty

This may seem unbelievable, but a cat’s purr has therapeutic benefits that can heal bone and muscle problems. According to studies, frequencies within the range of 18-35 HZ have positive effects on injured joints, and a cat’s purring has a vibration of 20-140 HZ. Perhaps, a cat is a good pet choice for the elderly, don’t you think?

The other health benefits of having a feline pet include the improvement of reflexes, a much better sleep at night, an effective anxiety reliever, and a therapeutic companion when you’re coping with trauma.


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