How to Teach a Kitten to Drink Water from a Fountain?

So, having done some research, you have finally purchased a water fountain for your kitten. Unfortunately, it appears that your kitten could care less about the fountain. You wanted to provide the freshest water possible for your fur baby, but he’s too fond of his water bowl now you are having a hard time getting him to drink water from the fountain?

Well, good for you there are several methods you can try to make your kitten start drinking water for the water fountain. To learn how to teach a kitten to drink water from a fountain, keep on reading.

Benefits of Water Fountain for Kittens

Yes, it is difficult to take care of kittens, but it can be gratifying and worth it, they deserve the best. As cat owners, we are liable to provide them with the quality and cleanest food and water. Also, water is essential to keep them healthy.

Cat water fountain makes it possible to provide the cleanest water in a fun way. What is that fun way? Cats tend to be more attracted to moving water and cat water fountains do the same thing, mimicking flowing water like a stream. This feature ensures to lure the cats into drinking more water.

According to PetSafe, the cat water fountain is a worthy investment for the well-being of your kitten or cat’s health. Here is why:

  • The water cycles through a built-in water filter continuously to ensure the water is germ and bacteria-free and hinders further bacteria growth and keeps the water pristine.
  • Due to their curiosity, the flowing water feature attracts kittens to the cat water fountain and increases the chance for the kitten to drink more water from it.
  • Drinking enough water for a kitten is essential as the water will protect the kittens and cats from kidney or urinal diseases.

Tips to Teach Your Kitten to Drink Water from a Fountain

  1. Wash the Water Fountain Before Use

Washing the fountain before use is important. It doesn’t matter if it’s directly from the factory and wrapped with plastic, there still is a possibility of germs present. Remember you want to provide clean water for your pet. Wash the fountain with soap and rinse the filter properly.

  1. Wait for the Kittens to Get Comfortable Around the Water Fountain Before Starting It

Introduce the kittens to their new water gadget first and if you notice the fountain’s noise keeps the kitten away, turn it off. Let the kittens drink still water from their first. It will take some time for the kitten to get used to the new machine but that little time is worth it.

  1. Let Them Examine the Water Fountain

Initially, your kitten may start to walk around the fountain and examine it, let them. If you think they are unsure if there is water present, use your hand to move the water around and bring it up to their lips slowly. Once they understand there is water in the bowl, they might start drinking from it and get used to the new sound eventually.

  1. Keep the Food Separate from the Fountain

Cats or kittens tend to spill water when drinking so if the food is kept close to the fountain, it may get wet from the splashes. That will make the kittens don’t want to eat water from there as it just ruined their food. Fortunately, there are some water fountains which has water flow adjustability but if your kitten is a messy drinker then just keep the food away.

  1. Keep an Alternative Water Bowl Beside the Fountain

If your kitten is still not used to the fountain, don’t worry and have patience. Keep a secondary water bowl beside the fountain. Make sure to never obligate them to drink water only from the fountain, as this may create negative associations with the fountain, you don’t want that.

  1. Give Them Treats Once They Drink from the Fountain

To encourage them to drink from the water, it is smart to let them know if they drink water from the fountain they will get treats, even if the fountain is off. This will make them aware that they are doing something good and that you are happy about it. This is also a playful way to interact with the kitten.

  1. Continue Giving Them Treats Even if the Fountain is On

Turn the powered-off fountain on and observe whether they use it after they have reacted favorably to the positive encouragement and begun to use it more. To avoid making them anxious, keep your cool and refrain from hovering over them in anticipation.

  1. Taper Back On Rewards While Gradually Eliminating the Alternative Water Source

As soon as your cat begins sipping from the fountain, maintain a close eye on the amount of water they are consuming. This will enable you to decide when the supplementary water supply should be eliminated. Cats, it should be noted, require one ounce of water for every pound of their body mass each day. You can gradually cut back on giving them treats as rewards and start complimenting them instead once they start to associate the fountain favorably.

Maintain the Condition of the Water Fountain

Just like a normal water bowl, clean the water fountain before providing your kitten water. Clean it properly and make sure to replace the filter as required. You will find manual instructions about the particular product in the box. Or there is internet available to seek help.

Final Thoughts

Remember, it is not 100& guaranteed that these tips will work on your kitten, it mostly depends on the kitten. But don’t stop trying to provide fresh water for your kittens, and don’t lose hope. Once they get used to it, you will find out how helpful a cat water fountain is for both you and your kitten.

Although the process of getting your cat to sip from a fountain can be challenging, it is worthwhile. Afterward, you can rest assured that you are giving them access to filtered, clean, and drinkable water.

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