Why It’s Important to Have a Dog Car Seat?

Our family’s safety is the utmost priority when we travel, and our pets, being part of the family, should be afforded the same safety measures we can expect for ourselves. Of course, dogs may not perceive the concept of road safety; for them, a car journey being just a way for them to spend time with you, but how do you ensure that in case of an unfortunate event, your furry buddy will be okay? One solution could be the use of a dog car seat.

In the following article, we will explain the importance of using such a chair for the safety of your dog and your family, we will explain the elements you should take into account when you purchase such an accessory, and we will also explain how you can use a dog whistle to train your dog safely.

Why Use a Dog Car Seat?

Above all, your dog, in the event of a hard brake, has the potential to act like a real cannonball, which can injure him and the other occupants of the car. Dog car seats work on a similar principle to baby seats. They take care of anchoring your dog so that it is safe in the event of a sudden deceleration.

It should be mentioned that when we talk about a car dog seat, we are not simply referring to a bed or kennel that sits in the back of the car. Depending on the size of your dog, these types of seats can be offered in several configurations, but their common element is that they must ensure the proper anchorage of your dog.

Are There Any Other Uses?

Another advantage of a dog car seat is that it will hold your dog still, so there is no risk of scratching the back-seat upholstery or blocking your visibility. Despite being a country with considerably safer roads than the global average, Australia still recorded over one thousand car deaths last year alone. An extra distraction in the back seat is the last thing you need, and a car dog seat can help enormously.

The essential thing in choosing such an accessory is to make sure that it is compatible with the size of your pet and that it fits in the back seat of the vehicle you are driving. Car dog seats come in various sizes and shapes and fit some dogs better than others.

How to Choose the Best Product?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a car dog seat. First of all, as mentioned above, you need to select a product that fits the size of your dog. Secondly, you need to know what kind of design you would like. Dog bed styles are perhaps the most popular, and together with a safety harness, they can provide ample protection in case of an accident, along with enough padding to keep your dog comfortable.

Secondly, you should aim for products that are waterproof or that have removable covers which are machine washable. Your dog will not always have clean paws, and in situations where it has rained outside, and he has wet fur, a traditional car seat can turn into an unpleasant smell fest. Therefore, the ease with which the car dog seat can be washed becomes paramount.

What If I Want My Dog to Sit Quietly?

Then you will most likely have to take some training lessons. And one of the ways your dog can be trained is with a dog whistle. Why would you want to use a whistle for dogs? Because they’re an effective way of sending messages to your pet without having to disturb the peace and quiet of your local community. The sounds made by a dog whistle are inaudible to humans, so they can’t disturb your neighbors, and they represent a cost-effective but also a potentially efficient way of achieving fast results with your fluffy friend.

Dogs can hear ultrasonic frequencies, and a dog whistle can take advantage of this and discreetly transmit information to your pet. Along with positive reinforcement and the strategic use of dog treats, it can be a valuable tool in training your buddy. But does it work every time?

Not every time, and here it depends on your pet. Every canine hears the frequencies of a dog whistle, but not all dogs react the same way to these sounds. Contrary to popular opinion, dogs are not frightened by these frequencies; they are just curious when they hear them. And just as some breeds are more trainable, some dogs react more quickly to a whistle. In many cases, if it doesn’t lead to desirable results, making your dog respond to your voice may be a more feasible training approach.

Can Such a Whistle Harm My Dog’s Hearing?

No, because for them, it is just an ordinary high-frequency sound. Yes, they don’t usually encounter it in the wild, and that’s why it’s effective in drawing their attention, but it won’t hurt them because the intensity of the sound is not high.

However, as with a regular whistle, you don’t want to use it for prolonged periods or blow it very close to your dog’s ears. Moderation is the key to proper training, and although we can’t hear it, you should approach a whistle for dogs the same way you would approach a standard training method.

It’s All About Safety

The most important thing for you and your family is safety. Financial safety, the safety provided by a welcoming home, and yes, even road safety. And our pet is also part of the family, so their protection should also be a priority for us. You wouldn’t want your dog to be thrown into the car’s cabin in the event of a sudden crash. This could seriously injure him along with the other occupants traveling with you.

The use of training methods, such as with a dog whistle, can sometimes be enough to ensure your dog will be calm and quiet during the journey. A dog car seat can be the safety measure you need for those unfortunate cases where the unexpected can happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and with minimal investment, you can ensure that your pet will always be safe and ready to enjoy your company for a long time to come.

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