Master the following skills to become a Professional Cat Sitter

Pet caretakers agreed to the fact that cat sitting is easier than taking care of dogs or other pets. Yet, it doesn’t mean that cat sitting can be done without proper skills. Properly looking after a Moggie requires more than just water and food. Cat sitting is an art. If you do it wrong, your cat may be unhappy with the service. The following skills will make your feline feel like you’re a conscious catnip.

Balinese Cat in a Basket

Watch & Observe the behavior of the Cat:

You will need to conduct some private investigation work before the owner of the cat goes away. Most cat owners give their sitters a briefing. The briefing will focus on basic pet care, covering topics like food storage, cat eating habits, and who to call in an emergency.

But, except this, you should also observe the cat’s activities or ask the owner about your cat’s unique habits if you are interested in cat sitting. Some cats like to sit in boxes some want a comfy sleeping sheet. You could give your cat a new box or a sleeping sheet if you are certain that this is the case. Some cats enjoy drinking water from the faucet. This is a great way to pamper your feline by letting it drink from the tap once in a while. You should know all the things about kitten cats as well before starting this career.

Playing with cat:

A cat’s level of playtime depends on its personality, age, and breed. Burmese cats, Turkish Angoras, Abyssinians, and other expensive cat breeds are well-known for their playful nature. Most cats, though, enjoy some socialization and playtime – it enriches their lives, especially if they live indoors.

You’ll need to be able to play with your cat as a pet sitter. Cats may also benefit from playing with toys such as mice or feathers. It can also help you build a relationship with your cat and prove yourself as a good cat sitter in a long run.

hand feeding a cat

Timekeeping & Making Schedules:

Cats thrive on routine. Research suggests that changing a cat’s routine could cause stress and even lead to illness. It is found that healthy cats are just as likely to refuse food and vomit as chronically ill cats when their routine changes are made.

Being able to keep track of time is a crucial skill for cat sitters. The cat may feel stressed if there is no owner. Make sure you give your cat the same time as it is used to eating.

Cat Whispering:

Contrary to popular belief cats can experience separation anxiety if they are left alone. It has been discovered that cats can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. This was based on a study.

This is the key to being a top-tier cat sitter. This is the trait of professionals and skills of masters. Cat sitters may enter a home that has had its owner leave, not realizing that the cat may be stressed. They expect the cat to play and be stroked as soon as they arrive. It is better to approach the cat’s house gently. You can ignore the cat if it seems anxious to be there. If you’re house-sitting, spend some time looking at the TV or making yourself comfortable. You will soon find your cat relaxed and able to approach you at its own pace.

cat stretching on couch

Showing Affection to cat:

Cats can be as cuddly and affectionate as dogs. In studies, it is shown that three things cats prefer most: food, toys, and social interaction. The results showed that cats preferred human interaction to all other things. The research also suggested that felines’ quality of life could be affected by human interaction.

It is obvious that top cat sitters should be kind to their cats. Some cats may not be able to be sat on their laps, but the best cat sitters should always be available for a head scratch or a chin rub, as well as any other needs.

Keep track of all things:

Although most of the characteristics that make a cat sitter great relate to the cat-human relationship, there is one skill every cat sitter must have that is independent of the animal. Managing all the things is key to being a good cat sitter. You might have been given the key to the owner’s door by the owner, but have you actually opened it? While you might be able to find the cat food, do you know the location of the cleaning products in case there is a mishap?

If you master all the above, you will be the best pet sitter in the world. You should have all these abilities and traits to be a good pet sitter. You can learn all these skills with time at a gradual pace.

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