What Do Outdoor Cats Like to Sleep in?

Whenever we leave the house, we see at least one cat snoozing, whether under a car or in a garden area where no one visits. However, it might not be that comfortable for them, given the constantly changing weather conditions.

If you are looking for ideas on making our feline friends comfortable, you can look into the cat house outdoor DIY projects. You’ll make some cats happy, but the question is, what do the cats like to sleep in? Because we all know cats would prefer boxes over anything –classic cat behavior, right?

Here are some tips on making outdoor cats a house that they will love to sleep in.

Maine coon in grass

Ideal House Location For Outdoor Cats to Settle In

The places cats want to slumber must meet a series of very particular conditions. For cats, living outside can be dangerous, which is amplified whenever they sleep. Each day, our stray feline pals face peril in the untamed urban outdoors. Sadly, this shortens the cat’s average lifespan to 2 to 5 years, whereas their pampered domesticated counterparts may thrive on being 16  years old or more.

So, how can you assist? By giving them an appropriate house whose location must be:

A Safe Space With Less Noise

Cats are nimble and sneaky predators; however, they are tiny and can potentially be preyed upon by larger creatures due to their sheer size. Because they are aware of the threat, many feral cats may choose to sleep in an area that is high off the ground or out of sight to avoid being hurt.

They can keep track of all that comes around their zone and adjust carefully. They dislike surprises whenever it comes to living safely. Cats also dislike noise, especially outdoor cats, so make sure you have the cat house set up in a comparatively quiet environment.

A House That is Cozy and Warm

Question any cat lover: there is nothing sadder –or fussier– than a feline who is chilly. For friendship and warmth, outdoor cats will search out warmer, sunny spots or snuggle with each other in dry places. Mostly in wintertime, they may seek warmth in parking areas or other public structures. Pick something a little more suitable for wandering feral cats looking for a warm location to cozy up in. Then again, if you are feeling particularly ambitious, you can construct your customized cat shelter.

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Make Sure It is Hidden or at Least Away From Other Predators

Cats are very private creatures, and they obviously would want to live somewhere that is secure and safe and not in direct reach of other predators such as dogs. Make sure the cat house is in a more hidden location; otherwise, your feline friends might not want to settle there.

A Cat House That is Appealing

Yummy snacks or a smidgeon of catnip will entice the fussy outdoor cat to the cathouse.  Catnip is an excellent method to pique any cat’s curiosity in doing something new while encouraging them to explore and tumble around the bed. As a bonus, cats love to snuggle up and slumber after their nip “high,” making the house even more appealing to them!

Where There is Food and Water

Ensure your strays have some food and water; it is the best way to familiarize them with the same and help them understand that this is a safe area for them. However, just keep in mind that the stray cats might not like the same kind of food or treats that your indoor cats like. Especially if it is summer, make sure there is always some clean water available.

woman holding a Siberian Forest Cat

Someplace With Heating (Especially in Winters)

There isn’t even a single cat who doesn’t like heat in winters. Installing some kind of heating system will attract those felines. You don’t have to sell a kidney to do that. You can stitch some rice in a sock, microwave it, and place it in the cat house. It might not stay warm for a long time, but it’d be enough to provide those felines some comfort. Heat pads are also a good choice.

Final Thoughts

For cats, run-ins with uncaring people, vicious dogs, large predators, automobiles, environmental pollution, chemical exposure, heavy cold, and viral infections can contribute to premature stray cat mortality. This is time to be compassionate towards cats and other animals. The least we can do is to provide them a space to snooze.

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