5 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Chewing Things

Chewing is a natural habit for dogs like cats love to scratch. Dogs chew on things as a way to clean their teeth, alleviate stress or make use of all their extra energy. However, dog chewing can quickly turn into a destructive habit. It is quite frustrating to find that your pup has chewed through your belongings, increasing the need for an effective solution. This article will discuss five tips on stopping your dog from chewing things.

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Don’t encourage the behavior

By giving your dog an old shoe to chew on, you unintentionally teach him that it is okay to chew on things. If you want to stop your dog from chewing things, teach them it is wrong to chew on shoes and instead get them some dog chew toys. Once they get bored of their current chew toy, they will soon come for your expensive leather bag or a guest’s shoes. Don’t encourage that!

Schedule time for play and walks

The most common reason your dog would chew on things around the house is that they are bored. Their energy levels might also be too high, and they have nowhere to let it out. To curb this chewing problem, ensure you incorporate some physical activity into your pet’s schedule. Walking around the block or an afternoon in the dog park will tire him out and help him burn that extra energy. By the time they get home, they will be too tired to chew on anything.

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Use treats and sticks as a distraction

Whenever you find your dog on the verge of chewing something around the house, you ought to interrupt them and give them treats to distract them. Chews such as bully sticks for dogs are a great distraction that allows them to get their energy out. Another great option for dog treats would be a long-lasting bone that will make them focus all their energies and have an opportunity to scrape their teeth.

Keep your precious belongings out of their sight

Whenever you are not around to stop them, your dog might take advantage and reach for the nearest thing they can find to chew. Imagine the horror when you come home to find your pet has mangled your child’s favorite toy or your wallet. There is also a possibility your dog could choke on paper bags or small toys. Keep your belongings away from your pet and ensure you keep the bathroom locked to avoid him getting into hazardous cleaning products.

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Avoid emotional goodbyes

There are times when you will need to be away from your pet for long durations for work or travel. If your pet has separation anxiety, they might react by being destructive and chewing on precious items around the house. To nip this violent behavior in the bud, avoid emotional goodbyes where they can openly since you will leave them for a long time. You could also leave your scent behind by rubbing your hands on their favorite chew toy.

To Sum Up

It is very normal for dogs to chew at things, so please don’t think your pet behaves vindictively towards you. If you implement the tips discussed above, your dog will soon fall in line and stop destroying your precious shoes. Regular exercise has proven to be effective at helping dogs release their extra energy.

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