6 Little-Known Tips for Optimizing Your Dogs Health

Dogs are wonderful pets who bring joy to the family. Small and cuddly canines are the rave these days. Are you a novice in the canine lovers club? A reliable place to adopt a pet is through Poodles 2 Doodles. They are a reputable breeder of adorable puppies every home should have. However, keep in mind that owning a dog is a huge responsibility. Aside from giving them a place to stay and providing food, keeping these canines in shape is also part of the deal. This article aims to make things easier for you. Here are 6 Little-Known Tips for Optimizing Your Dogs Health.

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6 Little-Known Tips for Optimizing Your Dogs Health:

  1. Dogs can develop allergies, be aware of what triggers them.

Dogs are living creatures, and like humans, they have immediate health concerns. Allergies might be unnoticed by novice or even long-time pet owners. Always observe their face, ears, skin, and hair coat. Canines suffering from allergies will have skin redness, foul odor, hair loss, and swollen body parts. Dogs who are suffering would lick and scratch the affected areas.

If these symptoms are observed and frequently occurring, see a vet immediately. Diet or grooming product changes are probably needed. Or they might need some supplements to get them back to health. As a precaution, make sure to keep the things of your dog clean. Wash their feeding bowls, playmats, and toys regularly. It is a way to avoid allergens from harming them.

  1. Canines need rich antioxidant food.

Harmful free radicals are everywhere. Your pet is not an exemption from these risks. Increase their level of immunity by feeding your furry buddy food rich in antioxidants. The list includes broccoli, beans, red berries, squash, and prunes. Add tiny bits of these into their meals to reap the maximum benefits. Or you can boil them and serve them as a broth they can consume.

Canines need a daily boost of Vitamin C for inflammation reduction and Vitamin E for the immunity system. Polyphenols in antioxidant foods reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and cognitive dysfunction in dogs. Consuming these will prolong their life and keep them energetic. There are also antioxidant supplements available. It is an option for busy owners who do not have the time to cook.

  1. Perform a regular Doggie Detox

Dogs also need to detoxify their bodies. The procedure is similar for humans. Canines must practice fasting. It is advisable to schedule it at least once a week. By doing this, harmful carcinogenic excretion commences. Cell regeneration happens, allowing them to keep their youthful energy. It also strengthens the immunity system.

A way to accomplish this is by feeding your dog some homemade soup. It must contain broth from boiled vegetables, bones, and cuts of meat. And if you think your furry pal is strong enough, a water fast is also advisable. But if they are uneasy, you can reduce the frequency or hours of the fasting schedule.

  1. Put them in a Nourishing Natural Diet

Dogs are carnivorous by nature. It means their biological design allows them to digest raw meat. If they do not follow their natural rhythm, there will be fatal health risks. These include liver, kidney, and digestive tract illnesses. The natural enzymes from raw food, particularly meat, allow their endocrine system to function well. The natural bacteria in raw food also help keep them in good health.

Canned food is convenient but contains high amounts of protein. It can cause allergies or indigestion. It is also a fact that these products have preservatives and additives that might not go well with your dog in the long run. Kibbles also have the same threats. So make sure these things are not a big part of their diet.

  1. Keep your Furry Buddy Hydrated

Dehydration is an unnoticeable threat to dogs. The risks rise every summer or due to over-activity. How one tell if their pet is dehydrated? The effective way to evaluate this is to touch the nose. It should feel moist and wet. The level may change depending on the weather and environment. Touching the nose of healthy canines should feel cold and wet. The reason for this is dogs sweat through their nose.

Make sure that your pet has quick access to clean water. Allocate a place in your home, indoors or outdoors, where they can get it. Regularly wash their water containers to prevent poisoning from contaminations. If you observe the nose of your furry buddy is drying up and refuses to drink or eat, see a vet immediately.

  1. Be wary of too many Vaccines.

Pet owners tend to be overprotective. Since many believe vaccines are advantageous for the body, puppies tend to get over-vaccinated. It can cause health risks and various side effects. In less severe cases, it is a waste of money. Some shots do not need yearly schedules. Some vaccines are only required once, while others can skip out for as much as three years.

How can you know if your pet does not need that shot? It was advisable to let your dog undergo a Titer test. This method extracts blood samples from your furry pal. It undergoes exposure to viral diseases. Then the immunological response is evaluated. Some results would show immunity to the virus. If that is the case, additional vaccination is not necessary.

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Dog Health Tips FAQ:

  1. Do small and big dogs have different nutritional needs? 

Surprisingly small dogs require more calories per pound of weight compared to big canines. Therefore, the smaller your furry pal is, the more energy-dense diet is needed.

  1. How many times must a dog bathe?

People can take a bath daily, but dogs cannot handle this frequency. Ideally, once a month is enough. Unless due to activities, they get dirty and smelly.

  1. Can a dog get a food supplement overdose?

Yes, they can. Water-soluble vitamins are a bit harmless and excreted in the urine. But fat-soluble vitamins are dangerous for the liver.

Consider getting multivitamin dog chews.

Final Thoughts:

Adopting a pup is a huge responsibility and a lot of work. However, the joy they bring is worth the effort. Knowledge about keeping them healthy is key to enjoying a wonderful life together. And if you are looking for your perfect puppy match, Poodles 2 Doodles is more than happy to help.

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