Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Vet Care

Our pets are our best friends and companions. Even if no one else is around you, your pet will never make you feel alone. They do so much for us, and it is our duty to pay them back by taking care of them.

However, there is one problem – our pets cannot talk in our languages. So, they won’t be able to tell you whenever they are feeling unwell.

They try to communicate with their masters using body language, and we need to keep an attentive eye over them.

To help you find out when your pet needs emergency help, we have presented to you a list of signs that mean your pet needs emergency care.

Your Pet Is Having Difficulty Urinating or Defecating

Urination and defecations are the daily businesses of every living organism. When looking for any symptoms of ailment in your pet, you should keep an eye on them when they are urinating or defecating.

If your pet is having difficulties when urinating, there is a high chance that a bladder stone has formed in your pawed buddy’s bladder. This can cause a buildup of urine in his body. This is definitely concerning as too much buildup can cause the bladder to rupture. Your pet can suffer from kidney disease or kidney failure as well.

If your pet is facing difficulties when defecating, it may be the symptoms of the presence of a tumor.

If your pet’s urination and defecation patterns have changed, then it is better to consult a vet about that.

And if you are looking for expert advice and quality emergency services, then you should definitely check out the emergency vets in Alpharetta.

They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They see walk-ins and direct referrals from other vets. They provide several emergency services like oxygen therapy, blood gas analysis, ultrasound, antivenin, etc.

The most commonly treated emergency services include bite wounds, respiratory distress, vehicular trauma, etc.

Your Pet Collapsed Suddenly, Fainted, or Started Having Seizures

Keep an eye on the activities of your pet. If you see that your pet suddenly fainted, you should immediately rush to the vet. Any signs of collapsing or seizures must be taken seriously.

These symptoms can happen due to diseases like anemia, lung issues, or internal bleeding. They may also be the symptoms of some infectious disease, so take some extra care.

Fainting can happen due to the lack of blood flow in the brain. This generally happens if the pet is suffering from pet issues.

kitty cat after trip to the vet

Your Pet Is Unable to Stand Properly, Showing Signs of Weakness or Dragging His Hind Legs

Keep track of the activity of your pet. If he shows signs of weakness, it is a case of concern.

If your pet is showing such symptoms, there is a high chance that something is wrong with your pet’s brain, spine, lungs, or heart.

If your pet is dragging his hind legs, then the limbs might be damaged, or there has been a clot in the arteries, which is preventing the blood from reaching the hind legs.

In such cases, you should run to a vet as delayed treatment can cause the hind legs to permanently lose their ability to function normally.

Your Pet is Not Eating Properly, Vomiting Repeatedly, Suffering from Diarrhea, Not Wanting to Drink Water or Retching Continuously

Our pets are not smart and sometimes may consume something that is harmful to their bodies. There is a chance that your pet may have consumed something toxic, like antifreeze, xylitol, etc. They may even have chewed on some plant which is extremely harmful to their body.

Your pet’s feeding cycles can change due to the ingestion of toxic products or can vomit continuously.

If your pet is retching continuously, it indicates the presence of gas in the body, which causes the stomach to twist. This can be dangerous as there is a chance this activity will prevent the proper blood flow of your pet. If this retching continues for more than 24 hours, you should talk to a vet.

If you observe multiple symptoms, it is a serious case of a concern, and rush to avail emergency vet services.

vet looking at dog

Your Pet’s Eye, Nose, or mouth is Swollen or Bleeding, or Your Pet is Squinting

If you see that your pet is bleeding from the eye, it means that he can be suffering from any number of diseases or conditions. Your pet’s eye, mouth, or nose might be bleeding due to irregular clotting of blood.

If you see that a body part is swollen, it might be because of some serious trauma. Trauma can also cause an eye to pop out and even blacken. This is extremely painful for your pet, and he should receive immediate medical support.

If your pet is squinting, something might be wrong with your pet’s eye.

Your Pet is Having Troubles Breathing or is Choking or Coughing Continuously

Any form of underlying heart or lung disease can cause difficulties in breathing. One of them is tracheobronchitis, which is highly infectious. Or perhaps your pet is suffering from a collapsing trachea.

Another common reason why your pet might be having difficulty in breathing is because he is choking. It means that there is something present in the trachea which is preventing your pet from breathing properly. If you are able to remove it on your own, then it is good. But it is better to consult a doctor immediately, especially if your pet has something big stuck in his trachea.

If your pet is coughing out blood, then there is something extremely serious going inside your pet’s body. Rush to your nearby vet as soon as you see your pet coughing out blood.

cat vet check

Your Pet’s Limbs Are Swollen or Is Limping

If you observe swollen limbs or your pet is having difficulty when walking, this may be because your pet is suffering from some form of muscle trauma or a bone in the limb is broken. These symptoms may also be a sign of Lyme disease.

If the overall body of your pet has swollen, it means that there is an allergic reaction going in the body. This should be treated as soon as possible as delayed treatment can cause an anaphylactic shock.

If your pet is suffering from some muscle trauma, then a bit of massage helps. If he is limping for more than a day, you need to take your pet to the doctor.

If you see that your pet is not putting any weight on his limb at all, it might mean he has a broken bone. You should immediately rush to the doctor.

Wrapping Up

Our pets are our best friends and companions. And it is our duty to keep them fit, fine and healthy. So, you should know about the signs and symptoms which indicate that your pet needs medical support. This will ensure that you can help them in times of need since they cannot communicate directly with their masters.

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