6 Tools You Need To Make Your Dog’s Fur Look Amazing

Dogs are man’s best friends. We love them, they love us, and anything we can do to make them feel better, safer, or more cared for is worth the effort. One way to ensure your dog loves you, even more, is by keeping their fur clean and looking great! There are 6 tools you can try to keep your dog’s fur looking amazing.

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Type of Hair and Scissors

The first thing you need to consider when it comes time for a haircut is whether or not your pup has long hair or short hair. Short-haired breeds will require less maintenance because there isn’t as much grooming needed to maintain their coat condition while long-haired breeds often have an undercoat that grows out of the top layer which means it needs regular brushing to stay healthy.

Choosing the right scissors for grooming your dog can make all the difference in making them look their best. Many breeds, regardless of hair length, will require regular trimming. If this is something you prefer doing alone, Grooming Scissors Direct suggests that finding the right scissors is a great way to start. Not only do professional grooming scissors look great, but they cut hair in an efficient way that reduces the amount of time you spend on your dog.

Undercoat Rake

If you have a long-haired breed that has an undercoat, this is the tool for keeping their coat healthy and clean. Using the right dog undercoat rake can make it far easier to remove any shed hair with minimal effort by tugging on it with the correct amount of force.

When using a dog comb or brush, make sure it’s designed for your dog’s coat type and length of hair. Using the wrong one can lead to discomfort and some breeds will show signs of pain when you brush them with a comb or brush that isn’t suited for their hair type which means they won’t want to cooperate with you in future grooming sessions.

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Dematting Tool

For any dogs with matted fur, shaving them isn’t always an option. This is where a de-matting tool can come in handy because it’s designed to remove mats and tangles safely. They are slightly different from regular combs or brushes so make sure you know exactly what your dog needs before investing.

Also, while some de-matting tools are designed with safety in mind – meaning there are rounded tips on the teeth to prevent cutting your dog’s skin – it is strongly recommended that you have a groomer or veterinarian show you how to do this before trying it yourself. This is an important step so your pet will not be injured while under your care.

Electric Brush

Although this item is not typically a necessity, it’s a great way to make your dog look great and enjoy their time getting groomed. An electric brush can be used to fluff up the coat after you have finished grooming them which will leave them looking amazing.

This is especially great for long-haired breeds of dogs that simply love the feeling of being brushed because these brushes usually have a gentle vibration to them which stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth.

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Slicker Brush

Using a slicker brush is often the first step to grooming your dog because it removes all of the dirt and loose hair from their coat. For breeds that have thick coats, this tool can also help remove minor tangles which will ensure the coat only has a minimal amount of mats so you won’t have to use a de-matting tool.

This brush is also great at removing any excess hair from your dog’s coat which is another reason why it’s the first step in grooming your dog. If you opt to use this brush after using a de-matting tool, make sure there are no tangles left on their fur because brushing them again can lead to discomfort.

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Blow Dryer

Once you have finished grooming your dog, a blow dryer can be used to brush out any mats leftover in their coat which will help them look amazing all day long. If you opt for this tool, it’s important to use the correct temperature setting so you don’t burn your dog’s skin. A low, or no heat setting will be the best choice for this tool.

Investing in one means you won’t have to spend extra money on a dog grooming service plus it will only take you a short amount of time to get your dog looking great and clean after bathing and grooming them. Blow dryers, with the correct brush, are also great for styling your dog’s fur in whichever way you prefer!

With the right tools, you can make your dog’s fur look amazing. These 6 items mentioned will help remove any mats and tangles left in their coat which will lead to a healthy-looking finish. Also, don’t forget about regular checkups from a veterinarian who specializes in pet care because it ensures health and wellness besides aesthetics.

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