6 Ways Light Therapy Can Help Your Dog

Light therapy is a non-invasive procedure where LEDs are used to penetrate your dog’s skin, muscle, bone, and blood through wavelengths. Once your dog’s skin and tissue are penetrated, it’ll help open up blood flow to the area.

The role of light therapy is to fasten the body’s healing process, depending on the number of sessions needed. The beauty of light therapy is that it only triggers a natural healing process, meaning you won’t have to worry about an invasive procedure.

Additionally, light therapy doesn’t have any side effects or risks as long as they are used appropriately. So, light therapy might be the right option if your dog is experiencing pain and discomfort or needs a boost in immunity.

dog under red light therapy

Light therapy for dogs and other pets can help in different ways than just easing pain. And discussed in this article are all the great ways it can help your dog.

  • Reduces Inflammation

Just like human beings, dogs also experience inflammation which is a complex process. And when a dog experiences inflammation, it’s just its body’s way of responding to danger. The inflammation on your dog shows that their immune system is fighting against infections, irritation, germs, and cell damage.

And since the vet’s fees can be high, you can opt for light therapy that you can administer at home for free. So, this non-invasive procedure will not only reduce inflammation but also provide relief for any pain by promoting better blood flow.

  • Enhances Immunity

A dog’s immunity is a vital factor that needs to be considered and built. And since finding ways of boosting your dog’s immune system is essential, you should consider incorporating light therapy.

Light therapy can increase the healing compounds of the cells, thus increasing the blood flow in your dog. And with increased blood flow comes strengthening your dog’s immune system, which is vital in defending against diseases.

  • Treats Different Injuries

Veterinarians and pet owners use light therapy procedures to treat different injuries, pain, fractures, and wounds. The wavelength of the light works by stimulating an animal’s body, producing components of healing bone cells, collagen, and skin cells.

Research has shown that light therapy can significantly improve a pet’s ability to heal from injuries as it also kills harmful bacteria and Malassezia. In addition, light therapy is instrumental in helping with post-surgical wounds, as it helps heal faster.

  • Helps Boost Energy

As dogs age, their energy tends to depreciate, and they may lack the activeness they had before. And although there are ways to boost their energy, light therapy has proven to be the easiest solution to boost a dog’s natural energy level.

Light therapy is used on compromised tissues as they respond more to it. And this treatment works well by stimulating the production of energy within the cell to allow them to conduct their processes.

And the energy produced is then converted internally to stimulate an active ingredient for energy production. This energy, in turn, speeds up your dog’s response to heal and regenerate damaged tissues.

So, if your dog has damaged cells, they can repair themselves better and more efficiently. And since light therapy treatment increases cellular repair, it can also reduce pain and swelling. For effective results, you may need to use this treatment consistently for long-term benefits.

  • Helps With Anxiety

Dogs develop anxiety from invasive treatment and may respond negatively to light therapy. But once a dog undergoes light therapy, they’ll be able to get pain relief which makes them more comfortable and reduces fear and anxiety.

In addition, the wavelengths from light therapy are guaranteed to stimulate melatonin production, thus promoting an overall calming effect. So, consider making your dog undergo several light therapy treatments for more effectiveness.

  • Reduces Scar Tissue Formation

It could be very distressing if your dog underwent a traumatic experience that caused them to have a scar. The scar tends to be irritating or even painful, leading your dog to scratch and worsen the scar tissue formation.

Light therapy boosts the formation of new capillaries that happen to be present in damaged tissues. And with new capillaries, the healing process will speed up, leading to wounds closing quicker, thus reducing scar tissues.

dog being treated by light therapy

Bottom Line

A non-invasive treatment for your dog that boosts energy and helps with anxiety can be vital to your dog’s overall health. And by exposing your dog to this treatment, you may notice reduced inflammation and promotes better blood flow.

So, to boost your dog’s immunity, consider opting for the light therapy treatment, which also relieves painful symptoms and treats different injuries. So, if you want a non-invasive procedure, consider trying light therapy.

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