Bark Off!: Intimidating Dog Breeds That Make for Great Protection Dogs

You can’t put a price on protection and peace of mind, but one of the best ways of ensuring both is by welcoming intimidating dog breeds into your family. Over 1 million burglaries occur annually across the United States, but the best protection dog provides a natural deterrent to keep potential burglars at bay.

There are several protection dog breeds, but you must research all options to find the best fit for your family. Dogs that are alert and ready to sound the alarm are an excellent addition to your family and home security. Add intimidating size and loud bark, and burglars will look for new homes to bother.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this enlightening guide to the best protection dogs to consider adopting to bolster your home security. Continue reading to welcome a furry friend into your family today!

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

When you picture scary dog breeds, Airedale Terriers aren’t often near the top of the list. They’re fluffy and have cute ears, with friendly personalities. They’re an excellent addition to your family since they’re fantastic with kids and hypoallergenic.

They also make excellent guard dogs, with many noting their bravery and diligence when acting as service dogs during WWI. Airedales will bark if they sense the presence of a threat. They have powerful jaws and are willing to use them on any hostile threat that comes near your home or family.

The only drawback with these wonderful canines is their boredom. Leaving them home alone results in boredom and destructive behavior. You can train them to avoid stress and trauma when leaving the home.

wolf like akita dog


The Akita is another beautiful dog breed perfect for work as the best protection dog. They’re stocky, with thick fur and curled tails. In Japan, Akitas are revered and worshipped as a symbol of good health and a long lifespan.

They’re mountain dogs, and they have protective personalities by nature. Japanese history states that Akitas were used to guard the Emperor and his family. Akitas are among the best protection dogs, with a resume to prove it.

Helen Keller was the first person from the United States to own an Akita after being gifted one on a visit to Japan. They’re social and jolly animals and won’t bark unless there’s a legitimate reason or threat in the area. You’ll need to socialize your Akita to prevent aggression toward other dogs, but they make excellent dogs for protection.



Rottweilers are among the go-to options for families seeking extra security and protection. They’re affectionately called Rotties, and despite their intimidating appearance, most Rottweilers are sweet and playful with their adoptive families. The breed descends from an ancient Mastiff line that almost went extinct.

They’re large dogs with an average weight of 100 pounds. Potential burglars will look for a new home to target if they see you have Rotties providing home security. They look scary, and their bite has the force to back up the look.

Due to their strength, you must train and socialize your Rottweiler early to prevent aggression and injuries to other dogs and people. It’s helpful to teach them the best times to act aggressively and when to dial it back.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback isn’t a common choice for Protection Dogs, but they’re an excellent option if you want a kind and loyal family pet that will keep you safe. The dog’s name comes from its appearance, particularly the ridge of fur that grows along its back.

The Ridgeback was initially bred to help hunters track lions in Africa. Suburban threats of other dogs and burglars won’t bother your new protection dog. They’re a stubborn and domineering breed, but they have several traits that make them a terrific addition to any family.

You’ll need to invest time in training your Rhodesian Ridgeback, but you can trust your dog to be loving, patient, and loyal to your family. Teach your dog how to interact with children, and you’ll have a top-notch guard dog for the next decade.

great dane

Great Dane

Great Danes are most noted for their enormous size compared to other intimidating dog breeds. Despite their size, Great Danes are a graceful and intelligent dog breed. Their deep and scary bark and size are reason enough for potential threats to look elsewhere.

Add in their courageous personality, and you’ll have a welcome and loyal companion no matter where you go. You’ll welcome one of the best guard dogs into your family when you adopt a Great Dane.

They’re loving, kind, and affectionate dogs. They won’t even harm an intruder who enters your property or home.

Great Danes are also wonderful dogs with kids, though they have shorter lifespans than other dogs listed in this article. You’ll get an incredible six to ten years of life with your new pup.

anatolian shepherd dog

Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian shepherds have an impressive and lengthy track record of protecting since they were bred over 6,000 years ago to help guard livestock. They’re suspicious and watchful dogs by nature, with those aspects being primary components of the jobs they were bred for.

Their size and loud bark are enough to deter most evil-doers since these shepherds grow to be 150 pounds. Any threats will walk away and count their blessings. The drawback to Anatolian shepherds is that they can become overly aggressive with unknown visitors and new dogs.

You’ll want to provide plenty of space for your shepherd to patrol and explore. Keeping them in an apartment is a bad fit for their health and well-being.

They’re loyal and kind to their family, but they’re stubborn. Consider investing in special training to help them rein in their aggressive streak.

german shepherd with owner hiking

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has often been stereotyped as the ideal guard or protection dog through the media. They have an imposing and intimidating appearance and a loud bark to match. They’re seen as some of the best protection dogs, and with good reason.

They’re among the most loyal dog breeds to their owners, and they’ll do anything to protect those they love. Most German Shepherds are willing to risk their lives to protect their owners, making them one of the best protection dog breeds.

German Shepherds are also quite intelligent and easy to train. Invest time training your German Shepherd to know when to be aggressive and friendly. Some German Shepherds take their security roles too seriously and need help differentiating between threats and ordinary people.

Though they’re a shedding dog breed, they make an excellent addition to a family seeking more security. Keep your new dog busy and engaged; they will protect you and keep your home secure.

boxer dog


Boxers are medium-sized dogs among the scary dog breeds people adopt to protect their families. They’re affectionate and playful dogs, and Boxers are often fantastic with kids.

Their muscles and athletic appearance make them intimidating to look at, but most Boxers are not aggressive. With training and practice, Boxers make excellent guard and protection dogs. They’re alert and intelligent, letting you know if there’s a threat nearby.

The primary drawback of these dogs is their high energy levels. You’ll need to take them on plenty of walks so they can burn off extra energy. They also face some serious health issues as they age.

dog in the grass

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois dogs are the show’s stars when looking for intimidating dog breeds. They have a long history of police work, and the United States military uses them on combat missions. They’re tough, athletic, and intelligent dogs.

The Belgian Malinois looks very similar to the German Shepherd, but several differences set them apart as the best protection dogs. The Malinois is brilliant and loyal, making it an incredible asset to your family as a pet and protector.

They have a jealous streak to take stock of, and the Malinois is a territorial dog. You’ll need to commit significant time to training to keep the other pets in your neighborhood safe.

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

The AmStaff is a pitbull variant that is affectionate and playful. You’ll want to give your AmStaff plenty of attention and affection to help control its energy levels. They fit perfectly in cooler climates since they get overheated easily in hot temperatures.

You’ll keep intruders away with your new family member since AmStaffs are solid and muscular dogs. They have a reputation for being unaffected by pain and a high prey drive. Invest in proper training and ensure socialization to welcome this canine into your family.

Find the Most Intimidating Dog Breeds Today

Shopping for a dog to adopt that will add to your home and family’s security is vital as a homeowner in the United States, and researching your options is the best route. Several intelligent and intimidating dog breeds exist, from the Akita to the Belgian Malinois.

Consider the Great Dane if you want a lovable hunk, while the Airedale Terrier makes an affectionate addition to the family. Rottweilers make excellent protection dogs, while Boxers look intimidating and provide a positive presence.

Pets add an invaluable presence of happiness and love in life. Read more of our Pets and Animals blog content to learn about exciting, engaging, and adorable animals today!

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