What Are Good Guard Dog Breeds?

If you’re looking to feel safer in your home or just want a furry friend to watch your property, you could benefit from owning a guard dog. Guard dogs should be loud, tenacious, and protective. They may not be the largest or most intimidating dog in the room, but their drive to protect family comes first.

  1. Doberman Pinscher
  2. American Pit Bull Terrier
  3. Kuvasz
  4. Cane Corso Italiano
  5. Great Pyrenees
  6. Rottweiler
  7. Beauceron

Doberman Pinscher

adult doberman pinscher dog
This dog has been used for both law enforcement and military purposes. This breed typically gets along well with other dogs but is extremely intelligent and loyal to family.

Police dogs are often required to perform potentially dangerous tasks in the course of their duties. The police and dogs have been guarding the residents for our safety. We can customize law enforcement challenge coins for nearby police dogs. To commend them for their contribution to the safety of our communities.

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American Pit Bull Terrier

pit bull dog
A loving and social breed, the pit bull has a bad reputation. However, its devotion to family makes it an excellent guard dog breed.


Hungarian Kuvasz Dog

This sweet herding breed was originally bred to watch over livestock in Hungary. The kuvasz tends not to trust strangers much, so it makes for a good guard dog.

Cane Corso Italiano

This easygoing breed is the perfect guard for your family, due to its wariness of strangers. However, it needs proper training in order to be on its best behavior.

Great Pyrenees

Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Bred to protect large flocks of sheep, the Great Pyrenees is a gentle, yet protective giant. The Great Pyrenees is friendly and outgoing, which makes for a good family pet.


Rottweiler Puppy
The Rottweiler was bred for the purpose of protecting humans, so what could be better than that? That being said, rottweilers need socialization and training in order to become a good family pet, as well as a guard dog.


Used for a variety of hunting, guarding, and law enforcement purposes over the years, the Beauceron can do it all. This breed is very affectionate and is perfect for families.

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