Collagen Sticks: A Nutritional Powerhouse For Your Dog

You’ve probably heard the term “collagen” utilized in commercials for human beauty products and supplements. So, what makes this ingredient so valuable in pet nourishment? Pet care is more than just bathing and snapping good pictures of your pet. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog receives the necessary nutrients and upgrades for optimal health.

Comparable to how you may benefit from various modifications in your eating regimen and good skin, your pet can work as well. Collagen supplements can help your dog build strong bones, nails, ligaments, hair, skin, etc.

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What is Collagen & Collagen Sticks?

Collagen is a protein that is abundant in the human body. It is found in connective tissues such as bones, muscles, skin, veins, ligaments, and, interestingly, the gastrointestinal tract. Collagen accounts for around 30% of all proteins in dogs’ bodies.

Collagen sticks are an excellent chew treat for dogs since they are safe, solid, and trustworthy. Furthermore, they were created as a substitute for rawhide bites because rawhide chews have little nutritional value and might cause intestinal discomfort.

Dogs Chits has some of the best collagen sticks, and their sticks are entirely digestible, easy to chew, and do not pose a choking threat. Their sticks are made entirely of natural Collagen, which helps to preserve healthy joints and skin suppleness. They handpick the finest Collagen Sticks from free-range cattle, cure them just right to keep the flavor, and send them while they’re still freshest.

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Benefits Of Collagen For Dogs

Collagen Aids in Injury Prevention

The ligaments, tendons, and muscles of a dog are made up of Collagen, which accounts for 70 to 90 percent of its total weight. As a result, its actuality determines the strength of its joints.

Collagen deficiency may weaken connective tissues, making your pet more vulnerable to wounds such as patellar subluxation, elbow, and hip dysplasia, and ruptured tendons. Including a collagen stick in your pet’s diet can help to strengthen their joints.

Collagen Helps With Digestion

Collagen promotes digestion by separating proteins and relaxing the stomach lining. It “seals and repairs” the gastrointestinal parcel’s defensive covering by increasing connective tissue arrangement and filling the whole system with vital amino acids.

Collagen includes a variety of amino acids, including glycine. It has been demonstrated to provide relaxing effects, which contribute to your dog’s overall healthier, less disturbed gastrointestinal system.

It Stimulates Hair Growth, Strengthens Nails, and Leads to a Healthier Coat

Dogs require Collagen for their appearance. Collagen accounts for 70% of the protein in your dog’s skin. It is in charge of maintaining a healthy, saturated dermis, as well as a plush, gleaming coat and solid and energetic nails that do not split or break as they grow.

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Collagen Stimulates the Appetite

If your dog’s appetite begins to wane, it may be time to supplement with collagen sticks. Collagen adhesions can be naturally improved or coated in cheese or beef to make them more appealing to your dog. Collagen has been shown to increase appetite and energy for feasts, so your dog will be chewing again soon.

Better Dental Health

Collagen chews aid in strengthening and cleaning your dog’s teeth, hence reducing tartar and nasty breath. It also encourages happy chewing, which reduces the need to chew on things around the house.

Collagen Can Help With Age-Related Joint Problems

Collagen in canine connective tissues deteriorates as they age. As a result, people suffer from common ailments such as joint discomfort, tendonitis, and degenerative circle sickness.

Collagen can assist your senior pet’s joints to stay firm, delaying the onset of age-related discomfort. As an excellent hip and joint vitamin, Collagen guarantees that your grownup pooch may again run around like a puppy. You might also consider multivitamin dog chews.

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Is Collagen Safe For Dogs?

Collagen is both safe and delicious for your canine. Collagen chews and supplements may be safely consumed by any pet and are used to treat and prevent various medical issues.

Collagen and Raw Food for Dogs

If you provide a raw diet, you’ve effectively made a good start on Collagen for dogs. Because amino acids from hamburgers and chicken aid in collagen production, raw diets are beneficial for dogs with developmental deficiencies or joint inflammation. Dog raw bones and meat ligaments are excellent collagen sources that may be included in your dog’s raw supper menu.

Ideal Time to Feed Collagen To Your Pet

While the facts show that younger dogs may not require as much beneficial Collagen as older dogs, osteoarthritis and joint illness may begin earlier than many people believe. Some dogs and breeds are more prone to joint problems than others, and genetic factors play this role.

Big dogs are more vulnerable to joint illness and inflammation, but all canines are at risk. By incorporating more Collagen into your dog’s diet from the start, you may be able to avoid some of the throbbing pains associated with aging. While any supplements you give your dog should be discussed with your veterinarian, Collagen is a safe ingredient that will not hurt your pet.

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