Cutting Down on your Dog Food Subscription Prices

A dog food subscription can be invaluable to many pet owners since there isn’t always a reliable way to keep getting the food you want in certain locations. Australia is a great example – in some parts of the country, there are simply not enough ways to keep your pets on a consistent diet.

However, some of these subscriptions can be very pricey, and others may be downright impossible to keep using on your current budget. But how do you cut down the costs without having to risk harming your pet through a bad diet, or feeding them things they can’t process?

dog being offered bowl of food

What about buying less?

This is a very common way of trying to solve the problem, but it usually just impacts the pet. If you’re substituting their food for something else, you might be giving them something that hurts them or even potentially poisoning them with seasonings that they aren’t meant to have.

This shouldn’t be the expected answer, so don’t take this option for your own pet’s sake if you can help it. Cheaper options are always available, and not feeding your pet enough can lead to even more expensive issues further down the line if their health begins to decline.

What about switching to worse food?

While some cheaper foods are genuinely better than their more expensive counterparts, a lot of them aren’t. Some dogs might not care what they eat, but it can still impact their health and possibly even change their overall dietary habits – even if you go back to the other food.

There’s also a chance that they might simply end up not getting enough nutrition, which could result in your dog trying to eat things it shouldn’t just to feel full. In extreme cases, you could end up giving them mild malnutrition, something that’s not easily fixable in the short term.

dog eating food

Changing your Subscription

Changing to a better subscription is usually the best option, and there are quite a few great options out there that combine good dog food subscriptions or sales prices with excellent quality. Petzyo is a good example, keeping dog food affordable while also using the best ingredients they can.

Using a service like this can be a much better way of keeping your pets healthy, even if you’re still supplementing your dog food with some other treats and snacks here and there. While we all love our pets, there are still a lot of reasons to cut down on how much you’re spending on them.

Remember that subscriptions are fairly long-term, so you need to think about the overall costs. A more expensive kind of dog food might not be that bad per bag, but if you’re getting a bulk delivery on a regular basis, that quickly adds up.

If you can shave even 10% off the cost of your dog food, then that 10% will mean much more through repeated orders. Like any regular subscription, you want to think carefully about what you’re spending and what you’re getting for that money, especially when it comes to your pets.

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