How Do You Brush a Maltipoo Hair?

We show love to our dogs by providing their basic needs and wants, such as food, shelter, exercise, and toys that can keep them busy. Another essential that must never be left out of this care package to our canine friends is grooming.

Whether you go to the local shop to have your pet professionally groomed or perform DIY grooming sessions with your pets at home, exploring your options is always ideal to find out what best suits your needs.


That is especially true for poodle crossbreeds, where additional research is not only encouraged when doing home grooming but, more importantly, an essential requirement. This is crucial to avoid any complications when all you want is to keep your pet healthy and look great.

One specific crossbreed is the Maltipoo. It is famous for its adorable stature as well as its lovely coat.

Different breeds may require different grooming tools, such as various brush types, so it is more efficient to be specific. For Maltipoos, learn about the best brushes for Maltipoo coats.

What Are Maltipoos?

A Maltipoo, sometimes stylized as Malti-poo, is a cross between a Maltese and a poodle. You’ve probably stumbled upon this really cute breed on Instagram.

These dogs are known to have a sweet disposition and of gentle nature. Some of them can even become support dogs.

They also work well with children, as they are patient, loyal, affectionate, and smart. Most pet owners view Maltipoos as family-oriented, too, seeing how they love to cuddle.

They are highly energetic, so they love indoor play and walking but are not good as guard dogs.

How Does One Brush a Maltipoo?

For Maltipoos, you must know how to take care of their coats as they tend to have relatively thick coats that require regular brushing, apart from the actual haircuts for maintenance now and then. That is why for dogs like Maltipoos, brushes specifically designed to bring added comfort are great game-changers.

Since your canine friends cannot exactly tell you when it hurts until you visibly see symptoms like agitation, going the extra mile and doing proper research can help avoid hurting them.

Precautionary measures such as buying the necessary equipment for your pet can go a long way, so detailed below are factors that ensure proper, optimal brushing for Maltipoos.

little white maltipoo in grass

Pin Design

Maltipoos are prone to skin irritation due to having sensitive skin. Having a brush that does not consider this factor can do more damage than good. That is why brushes equipped with protective pins for less agitation are needed.

Additionally, a great feature of some pin designs is that it comes in multiple levels. These numerous layers of pins provide better coverage when brushing.

However, a downside to these bristle designs is that it’s quite tedious to remove hair after brushing.

One more thing to consider when talking about pins and bristles is that every Maltipoo’s coat differs from one another. Tighter curls mean extra attention and care, and round-edged bristles do the job perfectly.

Round-edged pins effortlessly glide through coats with tight curls with little to no problems, as they are gentle on the skin, too.

Handle Type

Although the brush is for your pooch, the handle design of your brush can affect your comfort if it does not suit your preference.

Choosing a brush with a handle that perfectly fits your hand is, therefore, a must. Slicker brushes, for example, have ergonomic handles reported to make it easier for that firm and comfortable grip, which will then allow you more control.

maltipoo sitting

Overall Brush Size

There are brushes on the market with fantastic features optimally designed for your Maltipoo, but some brushes tend to be smaller. For owners with big hands, this might affect the level of comfort and control one has over the brush, affecting both you and your dog.

Another factor to consider is your Maltipoo’s size. Some of the smaller brushes are not so good with medium to large-sized dogs, as they provide a smaller coverage. Additionally, smaller brushes sometimes mean stiffer bristles, as the pins are sometimes smaller to suit smaller breed types.


The construction of the brushes you purchase matters. Durability, not only for the body but also for the bristles, can make it easier to control the intensity of the pressure you put when brushing your Maltipoo. For example, brush bodies designed from plastic may prove less durable than other body types.

Brushing Your Maltipoo

When looking for your next dog brush purchase, the factors you should consider will give you insight into taking care of your Maltipoo. The design of brushes advised for Maltipoo are optimally engineered to have features that compliment your dog’s tendencies, like the heavy shedding periods.

Also, knowing specific factors about your pet, such as the high possibility that your Maltipoo has a different coat from others of the same breed and is more prone to sensitive skin, makes all the difference for home grooming.

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