How to Fly With a Dog: Shared Private Jet Charters

Traveling internationally with a dog requires careful planning. The entire process can be stressful on both you and your pet. Planning is important to ensure your dog arrives at your destination in a safe and timely manner. Depending on your destination and your mode of transit, there are different requirements.

A few common items you might want to look into include knowing if there are any quarantine periods once you enter any new countries, is your dog up to date on its vaccinations or is it required to be microchipped for entry. In addition to country requirements, there are transportation logistics. It’s these logistics that often make people hesitant to travel with their pets in the first place.

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Concerns People Have About Flying With Their Pets

Health and Safety

  • Health Issues: Owners worry about the potential health risks associated with flying, such as stress, dehydration, and changes in air pressure.
  • Temperature Control: Concerns about the temperature conditions in the cargo hold or cabin and whether it could be too hot or too cold for their pets.
  • Behavioral Changes: Worries about how flying may affect the pet’s behavior, causing anxiety, fear, or stress.
  • Separation Anxiety: Concerns about how pets may react to being separated from their owners during the journey.
  • Space: Worries about the size and comfort of the travel container, and whether it complies with airline regulations.
  • Familiarity: Concerns about how well the pet will adapt to being confined in a carrier for an extended period.

Airline Policies

  • Lack of Information: Worries about not having clear and accurate information on airline policies, fees, and procedures for pet travel.
  • Communication: Concerns about the level of communication and coordination between the owner, airline, and any other parties involved in the journey.
  • Changing Regulations: Anxiety about changes in airline or international regulations that may affect pet travel plans.
  • Lost or Mishandled Pets: Fear that the pet may get lost, mishandled, or placed on the wrong flight during layovers or transfers.
  • Security Checks: Concerns about how security procedures may affect the pet and whether it could be stressful.

A better Option

Avolar Pets offers shared private jet charters for you and your pets. They provide a unique and luxurious travel experience for both pets and their owners. The mission of Avolar Pets is rooted in prioritizing the well-being of every pet transported, mitigating risks, and accommodating specific needs of both pets and their owners. The service allows pet owners to travel in the comfort of the cabin of a private jet right alongside their pet.

Key Features Include:

  • Avolar Pets tailor solutions to ensure a comfortable and secure travel experience for each individual pet.
  • You can bypass long security lines and airport hassle.
  • They offer round-trip routes from the U.S. to London, Paris, and Canada, with more routes coming soon.
  • Avolar Pets boasts extensive knowledge of country-specific health and customs regulations

For more information, visit or contact them at [email protected] or +1 (203) 701-9844.

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