The Pros And Cons Of Adopting A Greyhound

Dog ownership is no new concept for anyone, regardless if you’ve owned a dog before or not. Indeed, they’re great pets to have for plenty of reasons. For instance, adopting and caring for a dog can benefit your physical and mental health as they can encourage you to move around more to play with them. They also provide exquisite companionship, especially with their intelligence.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to adopt a new pet, a greyhound. Greyhound dogs are known to have a large breed size, calm and gentle temperament, and are great with kids. Despite the breed’s name, they may have black, white, red, fawn, or grey furs. Finally, they have a life span of more than a decade.

Adopting pets is a decision that can’t be taken lightly. For one, you’ll have to learn how to care for them, including helping dogs settle in. Another is choosing the right breed, as one may have more preferable qualities depending on your needs. Thus, if you need some assistance in deciding if a greyhound is for you, consider the pros and cons of adopting one below.

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First, you may want to note the following pros of adopting a greyhound as these may be befitting for your wants or needs:

  • Low Maintenance Breed

One of the factors that future pet owners often have to consider is how they’ll take care of their pets, with some needing more or less than others. Fortunately, you’ll find one great attribute with greyhounds: they’re a low-maintenance breed.

First, they are often known as racer dogs but require less exercise. This breed may be satisfied with a walk lasting less than half an hour. Furthermore, they often have less body fat compared to other dogs. Because of this, you may find this beneficial if you live in an urban environment.

Second, they also don’t have thick fur and sensitive skin. This is perfect for those that are busy and won’t have much time for cleaning and caring for their pet’s coat and skin. Regarding grooming, you only have to comb their fur at least once a week. Additionally, they may only need to be bathed at least once every three months.

  • Great Temperament

Another excellent characteristic of greyhounds is their fantastic temperament. For one, they’re known to be friendly and great with kids. If you’re worried about having an aggressive pet when you take them out often, live with others, or have guests over, this won’t be an issue with greyhounds.

Greyhounds are known to be quiet and may have little to no separation anxiety. This is befitting for those that live in apartments, as your dog’s barking may bother the neighbors. When you leave or take them around, you may expect they won’t constantly bark and disturb others. They love to be around other people as they’re known to be affectionate.

  • Known To Be Racers

The next pro of adopting a greyhound is that they’re bred to be racers, which means they’re athletic. If you’d love to have a pet to accompany you when you’re going on a run or a walk or one to play with your kids, this is the perfect breed for you.

You can expect that this breed will be able to run swiftly and jump high. You may also like it if you want to have a dog for competitions. You’ll find plenty of ex-racer greyhounds that you may adopt from shelters now.

  • Intelligent Dogs

It’s a well-established fact that dogs are brilliant creatures. Because of this, people love to have them as pets, with some even having them care for people that require extra assistance. Moreover, there was an article a few years ago about a dog with an impressive 1,000-word vocabulary.

The same can be said for greyhounds, which are swift learners. This breed is excellent for you if you want a dog that follows instructions and learns new tricks. Even if you adopt retired greyhounds, they can still be taught.



Next, you may also want to consider the following cons if you’d like to avoid certain traits of a particular breed:

  • Big Breed Size

While this may not be troublesome for certain people and some even prefer it, its large breed size may be a problem for you. Hence, if you’re living in an apartment, check if it prohibits having large dogs.

Additionally, a big active dog may be an issue for homes with frail residents. While they have a calm temperament, greyhounds could still use adequate space to play around during their free time. They may also get overexcited, so you may have to watch over them and prevent them from being around small children and older adults for extended periods.

  • Prone To Messes And Accidents

Unfortunately, because they’re active and tend to get excited, they might cause messes and accidents. They may also cause these if they get bored. However, these can be prevented with some training and regular short-duration walks. Doing so will also help them release some built-up energy that may lead to destructive behaviors.

  • May Shed Frequently

Despite their thin coats, greyhounds may shed a lot, leading to finding fur all around, including furniture, clothes, and other crevices in your home. This may also result in breathing in some of their hair, which can be troublesome.

If you’re not prepared to vacuum your home and brush their fur regularly, this breed might not be for you.

  • Can’t Live Outside

Another disadvantage of adopting greyhounds is that their thin coat fur can prevent them from living outside. Due to their light fur and lower body fat, they shouldn’t be left outside when it’s cold or hot. Hence, this breed may not be ideal for you if you’re looking for a guard dog for the outside parts of your residence, such as the yard.

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Dog ownership is an excellent way to boost your mood and overall health. They also provide great companionship and additional security in your home. However, you may be currently considering which dog breed you should adopt as some have more preferable qualities depending on your needs. With the list of pros and cons of adopting a greyhound, hopefully, this article has aided you in your choice of which dog breed to adopt.

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