10 Reasons Dogs are Good for You 

Most dog owners already know that life is better with a dog; after all, what’s not to like about devoted companionship and unconditional love? But did you also know that owning a dog is good for you emotionally and physically? Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the Angell Animal Medical Center compiled hundreds of research studies … Read more

Are Huskies Suitable For Apartments?

In this article, we will answer the question about are huskies suitable for apartments. We’ve all seen dogs at the dog park—they’re generally friendly, but when they’re forced to live inside an apartment they often become anxious and fearful of people. Even if you’re a dog lover, you may not want a pet living in … Read more

Is Tail Docking & Ear Cropping Cruel?

Ear cropping and tail docking for dogs is usually considered to be cosmetic surgery for dogs. In other words, neither procedure is necessary for a dog’s health; it is simply done for appearance. These procedures used to be standard for certain breeds. However, many owners are reconsidering having them done because they are unnecessary and … Read more