How much do we let our Pets get away with in the UK?

It’s no secret that pets bring us a lot of joy. There is no feeling like being greeted by your furry friend after a long day at work. A little snuggle on the sofa here, sharing your lunch there, the opportunities to spoil your pets are endless. However, the question is, how far do we actually go for our beloved pets? 

Fitted furniture specialist Hammonds surveyed a group of 2000 UK adults, about how they act around their pets and just how much they spoil them. So, without further ado, these are the results.  

Sleeping in your bed

It’s one thing sharing a hug on the armchair, but it’s another thing letting your pet sleep in the same bed as you. The hairs on the sheets and the snoring are enough to put anyone off, but not the Brits! According to Hammonds, a staggering 41% of people surveyed say they allow their pets to sleep in their beds. Well, each to their own!

German Spitz

Sitting on the chairs 

Everyone loves a cuddle, don’t they? So, who better to snuggle with than your dog, cat or other household pet? Now, despite hairy chairs, muddy paw prints lining the cover and claws pulling on the wool, a staggering 51% of Brits surveyed would let their pets on the sofa.

Sharing food 

We all know that animals shouldn’t eat human food, especially if it’s processed. However, if your pet is sitting down and staring into your soul, it can be hard to say no. The Brits, however, seem to be staying strong when it comes to treating our pets. Hammonds report that 21% of people surveyed share food with their pets. But, when it comes to giving them their treats, just 24% of people let them beg.  

Licking your plate

This one is bound to turn heads. 15% of people surveyed by Hammonds let their pet lick their plates once they have finished their meal. Meaning they either hold it up or put it on the floor for them to clear up. Many people take issue with this as it’s unhygienic to mix your crockery with your pets. However, it is clearly not an issue for some!

dog being offered bowl of food

Sleep in the spare bed

Usually, we save a guest room for people staying overnight. However, some Brits have a different idea. 20% of people surveyed by Hammonds let their pets sleep in the spare bed – now that is one pampered pet! 

Are women are more lenient than men

When it comes to letting our pets get away with mischievous behaviour, it appears that Women are more of a pushover than men. According to the Hammonds survey, 45% of women will let a pet sleep on their bed with only a third of men (36%) admitting to letting their pet display this behaviour. 11% of men admit that their pets are very spoilt, however, more women admit to having very spoilt pets at 16%.

woman training dog

How Many Pets are in the UK

With the striking results highlighting that we let our pets get away with more than they should around the home; just how many pets do we own as a nation? According to the 2021 data from PDSA, 51% of UK adults owned a pet, but how is this split between dogs, cats and rabbits?

Dogs take the top spot as the UK’s favourite pet with 26% of Brits owning a dog, and with an estimated 9.6 million pet dogs, there are plenty to spoil. Coming in at a close second is the humble cat with 24% of Brits owning a cat and an estimated 10.7 million cats living in the UK. Third place is taken by the pet rabbit with 2% of the population owning one and 900,000 pet rabbits estimated to live in the UK.

The report also highlighted that many Brits found the young animals they had taken on during the pandemic were experiencing separation issues and socialisation problems later in their development. 18% of those surveyed reported that the dogs they had acquired since March 2020 show separation anxiety when left alone. This is most likely due to the dogs never experiencing longer periods of separation and their owner being there nearly all the time during the lockdowns. 

2 million people have taken a pet into their home since March 2020, showing our nation’s love for pets continues to grow.

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