ESA Pet Was Taken Away Due To Illegal Lease

Are you leasing a dog? It’s a new scheme for getting an expensive dog that you dreamed about. However, what kind of pitfalls are there?

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french bulldog can be an emotional support pet for accommodation

Emotional Support Dog Leasing Pitfalls

Read further if you want to discover emotional support dog leasing pitfalls.

Imagine you found a dog that you fell in love within a retail pet store, but the price was so high. You are sad that you don’t have enough money, and the seller told you that you could pay it in installments. You are excited and sign a contract. A few months later, you don’t have money to the effects of the pandemic. And then a third-party company calls you about the payments and says that if you don’t keep up with the payments, it will take away your dog. Stressful? Yes!

Thus, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals decried pet leasing. Forty-two states like California, New York, Nevada, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc., banned this idea. Such companies victimize owners and pets and their mental health. Due to unexpected separation, animals start feeling anxiety and become angry and uncontrolled. Pet owners also become depressed and nervous.

Disclaimer: All characters, names, businesses, events, and incidents in this article, even based on real people’s stories, are entirely fictional.

Story of Bella and how even ESA pet letter for housing did not protect Bella’s dog from illegal lease:

Bella has been living in Massachusetts all her life. One dream that she had from childhood was to have a husky. This breed is friendly with strangers, playful, and has a high activity level. And this kind of dog fitted her nature amazingly well. Her hobby was running every morning. One day Bella visited a pet store and met a husky boy. His name was Winnie, and he had beautiful eyes. It was love and a match of their souls.

However, she understood that it was too much money right now. Bella had an office manager job and did not have enough savings. The seller saw that she and the dog were a fantastic couple and told her about the opportunity to pay for the dog monthly, and she could take it right now. Bella was so excited to hear this news. She couldn’t believe that it was possible and her dream had come true.

Due to bipolar disorder from childhood, Bella wanted to get an ESA Pet Letter for housing to live in a new residence with Winnie the dog. She found a fantastic service that provided her with it according to her condition. They moved together into a beautiful new house. She trained him, and he was such a clever boy. However, one day the pandemic came along. All offices started closing. A couple of months later, it happened with her workplace, and she lost her job. She did not have enough money to pay bills for rent and loans. She forgot about one crucial payment and did not pay in time for her Winnie, the ESA pet.

a dog's owner wants to get an ESA pet letter for housing for a German Spitz

One day, a company called her and told her that they were seizing her four-legged friend because she could not pay the bills. Bella was shocked by this information. She didn’t know that her dog was leased. Later, she found out that many people did not know about it and fell into the trap. Massachusetts state has prohibited pet leasing, and it is illegal. You know, having an ESA pet provides many emotions, and when a part of the family and treatment is taken away – it results in enormous stress. That law protects animals and humans from emotional instability, stress, and anxiety. Your dog belongs to you. When you buy a pet, you must ensure that your dog belongs to you after the purchase. You bring up your animal as a child.

Especially if you have an ESA pet letter for housing and your pet is critical for your condition – you must read all clauses carefully in the contract and double-check that your pet will not be taken away by some third party. You are responsible for the four-legged member of your family.

The pet leasing revenue model looks like a car leasing model. So, while you pay monthly, this car is not yours. Typically, it enters a two-year contract, and you agree to monthly payments. For signing this type of contract, they may ask for proof of income.

even an ESA pet letter for housing can not protect a Maltese dog from an illegal lease

But a pitfall can be that pet leasing looks the same as standard purchase in installments because loans are usually provided by third-party companies too.

So, if you don’t want to be in such situations, first check the laws – does your state allow pet leasing?

If pet leasing is possible in your state:

– read contracts from pet stores carefully

– read all papers

– pay monthly!

Otherwise, they have all rights to take away your pet.

Even if you don’t have enough money, you should understand all risks.

You can do a good deed – to adopt an emotional support dog from a shelter. You may get such breed for free but with incredible gratefulness and unconditional love. Sometimes you can get expensive breeds for free due to various reasons.


Don’t forget to read all clauses in the contract. Otherwise, you won’t have any rights to your dog. Be sure that your pet has all documents before taking them home. If you need an ESA Pet Letter registration, the website will help you find a legitimate way to get one. All these points will help you to keep your pet for as long as possible.

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