The Top 5 Dog Training Books You Need to Check Out

In order to train your dog effectively, you need to know what you’re doing. Because of this, it can be very helpful to read books that have been written by experts and professionals who have studied the behavior of dogs and their relationship with people. If you’re looking for some great books on dog training, these five are must-reads that will help you in your quest to learn how to train your dog better than ever before


1) Cesar Millan’s approach

Cesar Millan’s approach to dog training is all about understanding your dog’s natural instincts and drives. His methods are based on the way dogs communicate and interact with each other in the wild. By understanding and respecting your dog’s nature, you can create a stronger bond between you and your pet. This book will teach you how to understand what motivates your dog and then find ways to meet their needs by using rewards or punishment.

2) Victoria Stillwell’s approach

Victoria Stillwell’s approach is perfect for those who want to use positive reinforcement to train their dogs. In her book, she lays out step-by-step instructions on how to get started, what tools you’ll need, and how to troubleshoot common problems. Plus, there are lots of helpful photos and diagrams to keep you on track. This book has helped many pet owners build the relationship they’ve always wanted with their dog. If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to training your dog without any coercion or force, this is the book for you!

3) Train your dog like a Pro

This book is perfect for those that are just starting out with their dog. It’s a good book to get your feet wet with the basics of training and then you can graduate into more advanced training once you’re comfortable. For anyone who is just looking for a basic idea of how they should be training their dog, this is a great place to start.

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4) The Manual for the Perfect Dog

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a seasoned pro, The Manual for the Perfect Dog is a great resource. This book covers everything from choosing the right dog for your lifestyle to obedience training and behavior modification. It also includes a helpful section on common dog health problems. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to dog ownership, this is it.

5) Help! My dog is driving me crazy

This book will teach you how to train your dog for a variety of behaviors. It’s broken down into sections on training a puppy, basic obedience, and more. The first two chapters are all about house training and preventing destructive behavior. The author covers every possible scenario in detail with straightforward language that is easy to understand. There are also plenty of photographs illustrating the techniques described in the text.


If you’re looking for more books about dog training, a great way to find them is by ISBN search on online bookselling websites. This will give you a wide variety of results to choose from. Here are some of the top dog training books that you should check out

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