Tips To Housebreak a Chihuahua – 3 Easy Ways For a Pleasant Chihuahua Training Experience

The housebreaking process is something that every canine owner goes through. In the last few years, more often we read about people having training issues with their dogs.

We know that the process of housebreaking can be frustrating, but it is something that must be done to ease the experience with your dog. So, today we are going to cover the housebreaking process, especially a few tips to housebreak a chihuahua in the best way possible.

Without further ado, let us dive into the world of training and nurturing your Chihuahua. These tips will help new dog owners understand the housebreaking process and become better Chihuahua parents.


What is The Housebreaking Process in a Nutshell?

Briefly, housebreaking is the process of training a dog on how to live with you while avoiding too much mess in the house. In other words, the end goal is to have a well-behaved canine, in our case a Chihuahua.

Housetraining is a procedure that every pet owner must go through to have a flawless pet experience. This procedure is defined as peeing and defecating in a well-designed space inside the house, such as a litter box, or performing these biological demands outside the house.

So, to have a better experience with your Chihuahua, check out the following tips which will lead to a successful and enjoyable housetraining experience.

Tips To Housebreak a Chihuahua

Before we start with the tips, there are a basic set of practices that every Chihuahua owner should know.

  • Take your time, do not rush things with your Chihuahua
  • Positive reinforcement with treats is the key. That leads to faster training of your Chihuahua. If your Chihuahua is doing the right thing, reward it with “special” treats.
  • Always learn your Chihuahua to react when hearing a key term that indicates “bad activity.” This usually is a short word that relates to performing a biological demand in a place where they should not do it.

Let us proceed to the tips to housebreak a chihuahua in the best way possible.

Tip No.1 – Don’t force the process – Be patient

Start with potty breaks every three to four hours while in-house training a Chihuahua. You may increase the time intervals as the Chihuahua puppy gets older, but bear in mind that they must first understand the house-training game’s fundamentals before we can make it too tough for them!

One of the most common mistakes made when attempting to house-train a Chihuahua in a short amount of time, is making the house training too difficult, too fast. You must maintain the procedure accurate and well-defined, which leads to the next tip on the list.

Tip No.2 – Keep it simple for your Chihuahua

If you are using a crate, always make your way directly to the outdoor pee spot. Allowing a young Chihuahua to go out for a walk and sniff around the area usually results in accidents in-between these two points.

In other words, you should focus on one thing. Make the hours put into the training process well-worth. Do not let your Chihuahua get defocused by toys, lights, or even other dogs around. You must keep it simple and stick to a routine.

Tip No.3 – Make a routine and stick with it

Like humans, dogs remember patterns and can get used to them. If you make a good routine and stick with it, you will not have any issues in achieving the long-term goal.

When making a schedule, make it in the way which suits your habits the most. You do not want to make this experience difficult for you and not reach a successful end result.

The easiest way is to take out your Chihuahua at least two to four times a day. Remember that canines cannot hold their bladder for more than eight to ten hours.

As an example, a good schedule would be to take out your Chihuahua once before you go to work, then after you come back and lastly before you go to bed. If you have the resources and time, additional potty breaks won’t harm the housebreaking process.


Final Thoughts On The Tips To Housebreak a Chihuahua

The housebreaking process is essential for every dog owner. You must proceed with it with caution and focus. Take it step by step and observe your Chihuahua. When your beloved pet is still a puppy, that is the best period that you should train and develop their habits. Follow the tips we gave you to achieve remarkable results in a brief period.

We must mention that not every Chihuahua is the same, some Chihuahuas can be more stubborn than others. You must invest your time fully to teach them in a shorter period.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you will implement these tips to housebreak a chihuahua and reach the results you expect. For other Chihuahua-related topics, check our other articles.

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