Unique Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Days

Besides not wanting to see your dog feel uncomfortable, letting your dog get overheated increases the chances of heatstroke. In an event when your dog’s body temperature spikes up, surpassing 106° F, it’s known to be a heatstroke whereby it’s a result of much heat from the present environment. When a dog’s body temperature exceeds 107 degrees, certain organs start to fail and could lead to death. You don’t want that kind of horrific event.

Luckily, there are several unique ways to keep your dog cool on hot days and help them feel much more comfortable as the temperature rises. So, let’s dig in!

dog laying down

1.   Stay Indoors

The first and obvious recommendation is that you stay indoors with your dog, while the air conditioning blows and cools the entire room, especially during the hottest time of the day. Or on the other hand, you can take your dog on a stroll early in the morning or in the evening, when the temperature is favorable for walking, hiking, biking, etc. However, not everybody has air conditioners in their homes, and not everyone, including your dog, may want to stay indoors all day.

2.   Create An Outdoor Shade

As said earlier, not all dogs may want to be trapped indoors, and at the same time, being outside under a hot temperature is not avoidable. So, should either of these situations pop up, find a shade, or you could create yours. In most cases, based on how hot the temperature is, something as easy and natural as a tree is just perfect.

However, not every yard has a tree in it, or the position of the sun could even make having the tree seem kind of pointless. So, what’s the best remedy here? Portable shades or pop-up canopies are perfect for creating a shade in a yard. Also, there are products in the market that are a combo of the pop-up canopy and misting system.

dog and owner in shade

3.   Cooling Mats

This is a very great product to help your dog quickly cool off in the hot weather. If your dog is having struggles with sleeping due to the hot temperature, then they could lay on cooling mats at night, or you could as well place it in a shaded spot for your dog during the day. This mat is filled with a nonharmful cooling gel which is about 10 degrees cooler than the normal temperature of a room. It comes in a variety of sizes, so you could buy the one that fits your dog perfectly, irrespective of their breed, and it’s as well surprisingly easy to clean.

4.   Use Cooling Vests

Cooling vests are a bit similar to cooling mats. They are filled with a cooling gel that is supposed to cool off your dog’s body for a couple of hours. Also, there are cooling vests that are designed to move your dog’s body heat to the environment. This vest should be constantly doused in water so that as the water evaporates, it could help cool your dog.

A cooling vest is the best approach, especially when taking your dog on a walk on hot days. However, you should remember to take precautions while you are keeping your dog cool.

dog drinking water

5.   Provide Enough Drinking Water

Even if you are at the beach, lake, or your yard, you should remember to keep enough fresh and cold water for your dog. Before you take your dog on a walk, fill a bowl with water, then refrigerate it. As soon as the bowl is frozen, you can then fill up the rest with water. With that done, the water on top will be chill while the ice below melts down slowly. Also, it’s crucial to be sure that you have enough water that would do for the entire trip.

dog in water

6.   Water Play Time

Another easy way to reduce your dog’s body temperature is by letting it play in the water. Your dog should have to be in enough water to wet its paws and belly and should be under constant supervision. A dog is cool when it’s wet with water, and including water playtime with your dog under sprinklers or pools, can be so much fun for both you and your dog. Taking your dog with you to places with cool water isn’t just a fun summer activity alone, but will as well help keep your dog’s body temperature cool.

Finally, you should never think of leaving your dog in a hot car alone. Even if you parked your car in a shade with the windows down, it could still be too hot for your dog. Dogs can get uncomfortable real quick. It is a great idea to pre-plan trips with your dog to pack necessary items to help your dog remain cool and hydrated. These are some ideas to help you keep your dog cool during the hot weather.

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