What You Need When Collecting A New Dog

Deciding to get a dog is an exciting time in anyone’s life. A dog is a constant companion, they are known as ‘man’s best friend’ for a good reason. All you have to do is treat them well and look after them, in return they will be loyal and protect you with their own lives.

You’ll also experience hours of fun playing with your dog. But, before you can bring the dog home, you need to make sure you have the necessary supplies.

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The Dog Box

This is probably the most important item for your dog but one that is often overlooked. In fact, you need two dog boxes. Fortunately, you’ll find a selection of high-quality dog boxes at Ferrantinet.com, all you have to do is choose the two that best suit your pet.

You’re probably wondering why you need two creates. It’s because you’ll want one for the car and one for home.

The dog box for your vehicle is not much bigger than your dog. Its purpose is to help transport them safely. Specifically, you don’t want the dog distracting you while driving and causing an accident.

However, the one for the home must be larger, giving your dog enough space to move around a little. This is the dog’s safe place. Much like a dog in the wild, domestic dogs will feel safe and protected in a dog box. You simply need to train them in small steps, ensuring they know that they are being good going into the dog box.

Once they are inside you can close the door, leaving them feeling protected and your house safe.

For the dog boxes to be effective and reassuring, you need to use them from the moment you collect your dog.

Lead & Collar

In order to walk your dog you will need a lead and collar. In many places, these are a legal requirement as dogs must be kept on a leash. It’s also very beneficial when you’re training your dog and at making sure it doesn’t disturb other people.

You should also check your local laws, it’s likely that your dog will need to be chipped or tattooed. It’s best to do this as soon as you can after collecting your dog.


Food & Water Bowl – With Food

Your dog will need food and water. Most pet owners start out with a complete dry food. However, the choice is yours. You simply need to make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Naturally, you need a dedicated food and water bowl for your dog. It’s a good idea to feed them at roughly the same time every day, it helps to keep them calm.

Medical Care

It’s advisable to get a new dog vaccinated to help protect them from an array of illnesses. In most cases, this isn’t obligatory but it can help your dog stay healthy and protect you from expensive vet bills.

As part of this, you may want to consider pet insurance. It can allow you to give your pet the care it deserves.

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