Best Ways to Set-up a Dog-Friendly House and Backyard

Home is the safest place. Just like we make changes in our house for little kids, Our pets also need some changes in our house to feel homely.

A pet-friendly house not just has to be safe for them but also comfortable and fun.

Dogs, out of any pets, are the most playful and affectionate. Dogs also are the most common pet animals. The reason for this is not unknown.

And there is so much focus on making a pet-friendly environment among the pet owners. Even the pet care market has grown so much in the last two decades.

To make a home for them, we have to consider their every basic need like a spacious house, their own space, safe house and backyard for them, etc.

Aussiedoodle puppy

Let’s discuss some of the best ways to make your house Dog-friendly:

1)  More spacious house

Dogs need more space to play and be themselves dancing around the house. It’s good if you have a prominent place, but if you don’t, you can still manage to make it spacious.

Try getting furniture that covers a lesser area or convertible pieces of furniture. Avoid hoarding unnecessary things.

Use Blockades to stop them from getting into spaces. It will keep them away from washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

2)  Keep it clean

Literally, keep your house clean. Your dog spends a lot of time on the floor, so it is Mandatory for their health that your home, especially flooring, is clean.

Try vacuum cleaning every two days. Choose flooring that is easy to clean and pet-proof, like porcelain tiles, wooden flooring, etc.

Another thing you have probably heard of is avoiding Rugs and Carpets. It is because dogs are furry animals, and carpets can pile up their hairs. They get dirty quickly, giving a chance for bacteria to grow. Also, small ones who are not properly potty trained can pee or poo on the carpets. So it is better to avoid them.

pekingese dog

3)  Privacy

Yeah! Your dog also needs their own private space—a place for naps and long sleep, a feeding place, and a bathing place.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to make an extra room for that. Just create a private area in your house with a cute and comfy bed, bowls, and toys that they can call their own.

You can also Design a fun playing area for buddies.

4)  Safety Measures

Their safety is as important as the safety of a newborn. Dogs are brilliant animals, yet they don’t understand a lot of things. So we have to take care of those things.

  • Keep sharp things concealed.
  • Cover the garbage bin tightly.
  • Keep harmful chemicals and medicines away from them.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed.

And if your dog is extra playful, run around quickly or a little aggressive. It is the right choice to have fences around your house and in your backyard.

Indoor fences are required around dogs who are more aggressive and restless. Ergo, if guests come to visit, it will be comfortable for them.

They love outdoor activities, but they can’t be outdoors all the time. Therefore, playing in your backyard is a wise choice. Still, they can run into trouble. Having fences around the backyard makes it safer for your dog. Having a wireless dog fence is a better choice than standard fences with wire because they are invisible and secure.

Another safety requirement is taking care of electric wires around the house. Make sure there are no open wires or cables.


5)  House plants

Now, this topic often goes unnoticed. But most of the household plants are not very dog friendly. They are poisonous for your pup—plants like Aloe vera, Lily, Oleander, jade plants are non-toxic to humans, but for animals, the case is the opposite.

Accordingly, try keeping these plants away from the reach of your dog. Or avoid having them if you can.

6)   Cushioning and stuffing

Pet-friendly and pet-proof furniture, choose pet Friendly cushioning on your sofa, beds, and chairs. Fabrics which are per-proof are not hard to find.

Leather and faux leather can be cleaned easily, and it is resistant around pets too.

Dark colors are preferred around pets as they look less dirty than light-colored fabrics, which are not easy to clean. Use easy-to-wash fabrics.

Get them scratch pads to satisfy their temptations.

cavalier king charles spanniel

7)  High places

Store stuff you want to keep away from your dog in high places like shelves and inside cabinets.

All breakable things should be kept away from them. Use non-breakable crockery or keep them inside crockery cabinets.

Store dog food and necessities in a safe area.

Assure that furniture is of a certain height according to your dog’s breed so that it is hard to reach for them in unwanted places.

Use stairs for climbing onto the sofa and bed.

Use childproof latches on cupboards.

8)  Bathing Area

If you can, make extra space for bathing your dog. Keep Dog’s grooming necessities in a contained place. Having a private bathing area will cause less mess in your house.

Remember, regular grooming is a must. Brush your pup’s hairs more often to avoid hail fallouts.

Final thoughts:

Having a dog is a privilege. Their companionship and love are just too wholesome. Making sure that they feel at home is essential. I hope these ideas will work for you and your dog.

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