How To Care For Your Pet’s Healthy And Long Life

It seems like our pets go from tiny babies to fully grown adults in the blink of an eye. Anyone with a pet knows that no matter how much time you have with them, it is never enough.

While our pets’ life spans are shorter than ours, there are a few ways you can ensure their longevity. Most of these tips require you to be preventive and cautious rather than reactive. Being a preventive pet owner is better in the long run than being reactive. It is a win-win situation because we spend more time with our pets.

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Healthy Diet

Ensuring your pet has a healthy and nutritious diet is the first step towards longevity. Your pets’ diet needs to be well balanced and should contain all the nutrients they require to grow big and strong.

You should provide them with AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) certified food. This certification ensures the food is high quality and contains all the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals needed. When you are buying their food, be sure to check the label for its AAFCO statement.

Prevention is better than cure. Supplements are not just for people; your pets can take them too. SomaLife’s SomaPet Supplements customizes your pet’s needs, from strengthening bones and muscles to improving their immune system, giving them a shinier, healthier coat and playful youth.

SomaPet is a proprietary, patented formula created out of love and medical science for animals to increase their longevity and quality of life. SomaPet is a proprietary blend and is internationally patented.

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If your pet is not drinking enough water, it can become dehydrated or even develop a urinary tract disease. You should ensure that your pet always has at least one bowl of fresh water available.

If your pet does not seem to drink from a bowl, you can invest in a fountain. It is essential for pets, especially cats, to be hydrated at all times; a fountain will help ensure that.

Hydration is necessary for carrying out essential internal processes like digestion. That is why it is of utmost importance your pet is hydrated and drinking enough water.

If your pet is still not drinking enough water, despite the presence of a fountain, you can add canned food to their diet. Canned wet food is a favorite of most pets, especially cats. As the name suggests, wet food contains more water than kibble or dry food. Another thing you can do is put different colored water bowls at various locations to pique their interest.

Regular Vet Visits

Regular vet visits are necessary to keep your pets in the best shape. Going to the vet once a year for younger pets and twice a year for older pets is vital for catching early signs of diseases. Our furry companions age faster than we do, and since we want them around for longer, we need to take charge as they age.

Your vet should do the essential physical examinations, blood work, and other routine tests to ensure your pet’s health is tip-top. This way, they can catch any abnormalities before it becomes a severe problem. Any peculiarities should be noted and informed to the vet immediately.

While it is understandable that regularly bringing your pets to the vet might be an inconvenience in your schedule or result in a lot of anxiety in your furry companion, your pet’s health and life will significantly benefit from it.

Additionally, when you bring up any queries or worries you may have regarding your pet’s health, the vet and vet techs will be able to answer them for you. These checkups are a fantastic opportunity for you as a pet owner to gain more knowledge, whether you just want advice regarding your pet’s diet or direction regarding their behavior.

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Your pets are full of energy, and that energy needs to be expensed somewhere, and exercise is a great way to do it. Exercise lowers blood pressure and muscular mass; even the bones in your pet will benefit from it.

You should incorporate exercise and stretching into your pet’s life early to get the most benefits. Waiting too long might result in health concerns like obesity.

Furthermore, exercise also stops your pet from becoming bored, and it is a great way to lift their mood if you notice them feeling down.


Your attention is the ultimate key to your pet’s longevity. The long-term health of your pets is better when their caregivers consistently give them time and attention. In addition to keeping them mentally and physically stimulated, dogs also want to travel everywhere with their owners because they are pack animals. Cats also require at least 15 minutes of engagement daily, despite their reputation for being reserved.

You should be gentle and loving towards your pet. Scheduling a daily play time where you engage with them every day for a fixed amount of time is an excellent way of giving your pet the healthy attention it needs.

If your pet does not receive regular attention from you, it may become depressed, which can lead to serious physical diseases. They may even stop eating and drinking if you ignore them.


You are your pet’s companion for life. To spend more time with them, you must pay attention to their physical and mental health. Without your intervention, your pet may not be able to live the life it deserves.

You must focus on treating them like you would a child. Concentrating on their diet and water consumption is a must. Make sure they are getting mental enrichment as well. When feeding them, you should introduce supplements to their diets. For more information on pet supplements, check out SomaLife.

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