Top 5 Tips For Those Who Travel With A Hamster

Traveling with animals is a very popular and in–demand topic in digital media. You’ve probably seen texts more than once about how to travel safely with cats or dogs. But about such pets as parrots, hamsters, snakes and others write quite rarely. Today we want to talk about what rules should be followed in order to travel comfortably and safely with a hamster. Let’s go!

golden hamster

Let’s start with the main thing – why should you take a hamster somewhere?

Indeed, it is easier to leave such a tiny animal with relatives or friends during the trip. But what if there is no such possibility? Or how to transport an animal to a veterinarian or to a country house? To do this, it is really better to think everything through in advance.


An airplane or a train are popular options for solving the issue of movement, but both of these vehicles can be unsafe for a pet. There are a lot of people on the trains, loud frightening sounds, the plane is just as crowded, and the pressure leaves much to be desired.

The most important issue of any trip is transportation. When we talk about such a small and fragile animal as a hamster, it is important to note that, if possible, you need to choose the simplest and most comfortable transport. Ideally, a car. Even if your family does not have a car, you can always rent a car for the duration of the trip. Moreover, this method of movement has many advantages. Saving money, a wide selection of car rental models, saving time and comfort. Car rental services are very popular in tourist countries, for example in the UAE. If you’re going to visit Deira, historically significant district of Dubai, here you will be offered the best prices and an amazing selection of cars on So even when planning a trip to the UAE, remember, that in the UAE rent a car is easy, profitable and comfortable for all your companions!

The advantages of a car for rent can be listed for a long time, the main thing is the safety of your animal!

holding a golden fluffy hamster

Ventilation during travel

Never underestimate the hamster’s ability to squeeze through the smallest holes. They can fit through any hole their head fits through.Therefore, do not transport the hamster in containers where there are large holes. Holes for ventilation in diameter should not exceed the eraser at the end of the pencil. But there should be several of them so that the animal can breathe normally during the road.

Travel temperature

Temperature is one of the most obvious things to pay attention to, but it is impossible not to say this moment! Do not leave the hamster alone in the car in very hot or cool weather. Before traveling in the cold, preheat the car, and in the heat, on the contrary, cool it with an air conditioner. Try to avoid sudden temperature changes and be guided by your own feelings: if you are hot or cold in the car, your pet experiences the same thing.

Litter in transit

Hygiene and basic comfort of the animal are very important! Paper towels, paper-based bedding and other soft fillers are the best choice for traveling in a car. They will absorb the waste of the hamster’s vital activity and give him the opportunity to burrow into a soft substrate to relieve stress during the trip.

Food and toys

Of course, you need to take with you a large supply of food, vitamins (if your pet takes vitamin supplements) and a toy that he can chew on the way. It will also serve as a distraction so that the hamster does not spoil the transportation and does not get nervous because of the journey.

We wish you easy preparation, cool impressions and bright trips! May all members of your family always be comfortable on the trip!

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