A Guide for Managing DSLD in Horses

Horses, with their sleek manes and sturdy torsos, are magnificent animals known to form deep connections with their owners. As a horse owner, it’s natural to worry about their health and go to great lengths to ensure they’re in good shape. Unfortunately, your horse can fall victim to a disease such as Degenerative Suspensory Ligament … Read more

How You Can Get a Horse: A Helpful Guide

Get in the saddle! More than one million people own horses throughout the United States. This statistic may make you believe that buying and caring for a horse is easy. In reality, owning a horse is very tricky. Before you get a horse, you must understand what it takes to buy and protect your horse. … Read more

What is a Good Companion Animal For a Horse?

A man can quickly become a horse’s best companion and build a relationship comparable to humans and dogs. However, this kind of relationship is only possible if the horse has been appropriately trained. But, naturally, you can’t always be there for your horse, so do you need to get an animal companion for a horse? … Read more

Horse Bonding Advice Beginners Can Rely On

Whether you are a seasoned equine lover or only a beginner, horse bonding is perhaps the most crucial part of the journey. You cannot ride comfortably and safely unless you share a good bond. It takes a lot to connect with the animal, specifically if you are a first-timer. You may have some apprehension, and … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Horse Breeds 

Horses are, without a doubt, one of humanity’s oldest friends. Horses were primarily tamed and utilized for transportation or employment hundreds of years ago. Horse populations have declined in recent years, but they remain popular. As a horse enthusiast, you have over 350 breeds to choose from across the world. Depending on your requirements, each … Read more

Why Does Your Horse Have a Swayed Back?

As horses gradually age into their late twenties and thirties, it causes progressive dipping or swaying of their back. However, not all horses acquire a swayback over time. Some are born with this deformity. The well-being of aged horses, whether they are swaybacked or not, can be ensured through proper care and management. Horse swayback … Read more

6 Things To Know About Red Light Therapy For Horses

If you take care of horses, you should be familiar with the health conditions these animals often face. Skin conditions, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, and perhaps the most common problem you’ll encounter, wounds. Wounds are a staple among horses; some are small and require little effort to treat, but there are cases when if neglected, … Read more

Benefits of Stall Toys for Horses

A horse can enjoy many benefits from having toys handy to keep them entertained when stuck inside, including promoting mental health, training enrichment, and alleviating boredom. Horses are herd animals, genetically programmed to spend their days walking and grazing, not standing alone in a stall. Stall toys can provide light exercise and play, which benefit … Read more

Deworming Your Horse: What You Need to Know

Horse owners often stumble across a number of questions regarding the treatment of their horse for helminths. What medication should I consider? How often should I deworm my horse? Is it necessary to change the preparation over time? My horse has a disheveled tail, what should I do? What tests do I need to take … Read more

Tips for Caring for Miniature Horses

Miniature horses are truly adorable. They are tiny and full of personality but don’t let their size fool you, as they still need lots of care. Fortunately, there are some great tips for caring for miniature horses. Due to their small stature, miniature horses are prone to more health issues than full-sized horses. However, with … Read more

What Is Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine assisted therapy is an alternative therapy often employed in the treatment of mental health issues, including addiction and anxiety, as well as physical health disabilities. It covers a variety of treatments and is used by many different types of medical professionals, including psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers and more. Equine assisted therapy … Read more